Walmart has established itself as the leading major retailer that provides economy products and services nationwide. While most people think of Walmart in conjunction with household shopping, Walmart also provides extensive vehicle care services allowing you to do your shopping while your vehicle maintenance services are performed. Walmart alignment costs are available for those who are ready to perform the alignment that is recommended after every 10,000 miles. If you asked yourself how much does tire alignment cost at Walmart or other prices for auto services please read our full review below.

How Much Does Tire Alignment Cost at Walmart? Below are the Latest Regular Walmart Alignment Prices:

Front Two Tires$50
All 4 tires$75

***Please check for online coupons for extra savings!!! Find out how much (for a wheel alignment at Walmart) you have to pay.

Tire Alignment at Walmart – FIND LOCATIONS

Please note: Tire alignment at Walmart is only available at very few Walmart centers across United States. It is important that you call your local Walmart Tire and Lube center to see if they offer Tire Alignment service at that location so that you don’t waste time and gas driving there for no reason. For a full list of service centers that perform Wheel/Tire Alignments click HERE.

Walmart Alignment Coupons | SAVE MONEY

If you asked your self “does Walmart do free alignment with tire purchase”, the answer is no. While it is common to have your wheels aligned after driving 10,000 miles a Walmart alignment should also be scheduled after any type of collision or bump. Anything from hitting a curb or pothole to rear ending a vehicle could negatively affect the alignment of your vehicle. When you notice that your vehicle is shaking when gathering speed or becoming difficult to steer it is time for an alignment. Please keep in mind that Walmart alignment services are not available at all locations so please call your nearest Walmart prior to bringing your vehicle in for service. Once you have verified that Walmart wheel alignment services are available use online coupons to reduce the already low prices. Click HERE to find out how to find the best specials and Walmart Alignment coupons!

How much for a wheel alignment at Walmart