Top 10 Car Repair Tools that Every Car Owner Must Have Top 10 Car Repair Tools that Every Car Owner Must Have

For one reason or another, there are times when you simply can’t get your car to the repair shop like Walmart or Jiffy Lube car services for needed repairs. During these times, you may be forced to do the repairs on your own.

You are not alone in this matter. There are many car owners who resort to doing small car repairs because of their peculiar circumstances. Though the car repair that you need to do is small in nature, you still need the right tools to do the proper repair job.

Here are some of the necessary tools that you need to have in order to perform a credible car repair, no matter how small it is.

1. Car Repair Manual

This is the very first tool that you will need in repairing even the smallest problem with your car. If you bought a brand new car, you will have a modicum of repair instructions included in your car operator’s manual.

But if you want a more detailed repair manual, you have to buy it from the car manufacturer or some specialty stores that sell them online. This manual will make any repair job faster because it details the step by step process of every bit of repair that a car may need.

They also list all the torque requirements of every bolt in your car, especially those that are part of the engine block.

2. Wrenches

You need a good set of combination wrenches. These wrenches can be purchased at any local hardware shop or at the hardware section of a supermall. Since most new cars are made using both English and metric measurement, it would be wiser to buy a set of metric and English wrenches.

3. Socket set

A socket wrench is useful when trying to unscrew hard to reach bolts. You will need a socket set and also various kinds of extension which range from 2” to 24”. When buying this set, don’t forget to get a set of flex joints. These flex joints will make it easy for you to reach into tight places where a wrench will not fit. Try to get a ¼ inch and a 3/8 inch dive sizes.

4. Allen and Torx Bits

To make efficient use of space, most modern cars use Torx bits which have screw heads with 6 point star-shaped pattern. Therefore you will need a good set of Allen wrench and its corresponding sockets as well.

5. An assortment of pliers

Every repair work needs one or more kinds of pliers. Therefore, you must buy various types of pliers in different sizes. But the most commonly used are diagonal cutters, lineman’s pliers, needle nose, channel locks, and slip joint. You can buy this as a set in most hardware stores.

6. Screwdrivers

A set of screwdrivers will be very useful in even the smallest car repair job. You will need a large and small Phillips screwdriver, as well as a slotted screwdriver. An offset screwdriver is also useful at times. You can also buy a set of screwdrivers which includes those that are most commonly used by car mechanics.

7. Torque Wrench

Car bolts, especially the ones that hold the engine block, are set at a certain torque spec. Therefore you will need a torque wrench if in case you will be required to loosen and refit those bolts in their original places. Choose a good torque wrench with a capacity of at least 150 ft.-lbs.

8. Diagnostic tool and volt/ohm meter

All engines of modern cars are controlled by a computer system. You may need to buy a type of code reader to be able to diagnose the simplest problems that your car computer may be manifesting. It is available at your local car parts store.

A volt/ohm meter will also be useful in tracing the car’s electrical wirings or testing the polarities of electrical wires. You can buy these at your local hardware store.

9. Specialty tools

Not all cars are the same. Therefore, depending on its model and make, you might need some specialty tools that are only suited for your car. However, these are quite expensive, and since they are very seldom used, it might be better if you will just go to a rental store if you need them.

10. Workers gloves and rags

You need to use worker’s gloves designed for car mechanics. These gloves will keep your hands from being dirtied. Try getting those which are flexible, and not too hard.

And don’t forget the lowly rags. Without these small pieces of cloth, your repair job will be messy. Car parts are usually laden with used oil, which is dirty to say the least. You will maintain the cleanliness of your working area by wiping all the accidental spills and dirt with these rags.

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