Sears Auto Center Service Prices

What started out as one of the largest, and most widely recognized, department chains has become a full-service business offering everything from clothes to auto repairs. Sears is now a place where a family can visit to go back to school shopping while simultaneously getting their tires changed. Perhaps most importantly, vehicle owners can now take advantage of reasonable Sears auto center service prices to get all of their vehicle repairs done in one place without spending a large amount of money. We have taken the time to compile a list of the various maintenance and alignment Sears auto center service help you better prepare for your next service center visit. Sears transmission flush services or any other Sear auto repair and maintenance services are done with extreme care at affordable prices.

Below you will find the latest Sears Auto Center Maintenance Service Prices Including Sears Transmission Flush:

SEARS AUTO CENTER Maintenance Services
Courtesy Multi-Point InspectionFree
Steering and Suspension EvaluationFree
Courtesy Alignment CheckFree
Starting and Charging System Evaluation$20.00
Brake Evaluation$15.00
Brake Fluid Exchange$40.00
Conventional Oil Change (Filter Included)$30.00
MaxLife Oil Change (Filter Included)$45.00
Synthetic Oil Change (Filter Included)$60.00
Transmission Fluid Exchange$110.00
Battery Installation$10.00
Diehard Battery Service$20.00
Fuel System Cleaning$85.00
Air Conditioning System Recharge$125.00
Coolant/Antifreeze Exchange
($3.50 Shop fees excluded)
Power Steering Fluid Exchange$55.00
Differential Fluid Exchange ($3.50 Shop fee excluded)$45.00
Install Strong Arm Each$10.00

Below You Will Find the Latest Sears Auto Center Alignment-Chassis Service Prices:

SEARS Alignment-Chassis Services
6 Month Alignment$85.00
1 Year Alignment$115.00
3 Year Alignment$165.00

Once you have familiarized yourself with Sears auto center services you can feel more confident about your next scheduled repair appointment. Also, visiting the Sears website can give you an opportunity to save money by giving you access to the latest Sears specials, discounts, and other valuable offers. Utilizing one of Sears money saving coupons can help your family save a lot of money on routine auto repairs throughout the year. Click HERE to take advantage of the most recent prices.

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