While Sears started out as just another department store, it quickly became an industry leader in vehicle services and repairs. As one of the largest department stores in the United States, Sears has established itself as one of the best places to visit if your vehicle needs a tire repair. Sears recommends getting a wheel alignment every 10.000 miles to extend the life of your tires and increase fuel efficiency. Keep your vehicle in top shape by scheduling a wheel alignment at your local Sears.

Sears Alignment

Below are the latest regular prices:

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Failing to get your vehicle alignment completed in time can decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle while simultaneously speeding up the deterioration of your tires. Driving a vehicle with worn out tires can create a hazardous driving condition for you and your passengers. The best way to get the maximum use out of your tires while continuing to drive safely is to schedule your Sears alignment every 10,000 miles. Doing this will help you save money on vehicle repairs and tire replacements. Increase your savings by taking advantage of online coupons.
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