Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car

Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car

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There are many questions to ask when buying a used car, and also many advantages in doing so.   Before we consider the questions, why buy a used car and not a new car?   For many, the answer is obvious – finances!   For others, it is equally obvious – finances!   That’s right – the same reason for each, and here’s why.

First, a used car costs less than the same car brand new.   How much less depends on the age and condition of the car.   However, even if  the vehicle is driven only 50 miles, a used car is cheaper than the same car with zero on the clock- a car loses 12% of its sales price in its first year regardless of the mileage.

Many people would never buy a brand new car, not only because it loses a massive chunk of value once the key is turned, but also because all the initial problems and issues have come to light and been resolved in the first few weeks of its life.    These apply whether you are buying from an individual or a garage/dealer.

 Here are the questions to ask when buying a used car:

1. The first questions to ask when buying a used car is what’s the mileage?

Ask the question first and then check the odometer. Figure out the annual mileage from the age of the car, and if that seems low then ask why. Listen carefully, and if the answer seems contrived, it could be that the clock has been turned back a bit. It happens!

2. Second questions to ask when buying a used car is what’s the car’s condition?

Again ask in advance. Then check it yourself. When the answer is ‘excellent’ then that’s good because it is going to be in very good shape.   Upon arrival be sure to inspect it and if it is obviously not good, then simply walk away and never use that person or company again.

If the condition is described as ‘good’ or ‘OK’ a lot depends on what you expect to pay for it. Such terms are very subjective, and one person’s ‘good’ could be another’s ‘excellent’ or ‘poor.’ The same with ‘fair’ or ‘poor’ – check it out and make your mind up. You are under no obligation until you have signed an agreement.

3. Why is it being sold?

There are many potential answers to this question, but if the seller has to think before answering, there might be something wrong with the car.  If the seller has bought a new car, or there is any other apparently acceptable answer for selling it, then you should be OK.

However, the answer might give you room for price negotiation. Answers such as “it is too expensive to maintain” or “it uses too much gas” could either warn you off or enable you to haggle to a lower price. Many problems are caused by the driver or owner, although it might be risky to purchase a car that is causing somebody else a problem.

4. Another question to ask when buying a used car is where is the service record?

If there is no service history, then you might be best to leave it. Buying a used car that has not been regularly maintained is asking for trouble.   A lack of regular oil changes can cause damage to the engine, while a lack of general lubrication can lead to wear of the bearings and joints. Although the car might look fine and run OK, it might have a limited life. Service records are important when buying a used car.

5. Another questions to ask when buying a used car is from whom and where was the car purchased?

If the car has had more than one owner, the previous owner’s identity could be substantial. A single previous owner is best. Also, was it purchased in another state? This is important because some states are less particular than others regarding salvaged cars, making it easy for the title of a salvaged car to be washed and its true condition was hidden.

6. Have there been any repairs carried out on it?

If the seller says yes, then ask what, and get an assurance that all parts have been original manufacturer parts. If the seller denies any repairs and you find evidence that there have been, then the seller cannot be trusted. Forget the car and find something else.

7. Can you have the car independently checked?

If the seller says no or seems disturbed by the question, then leave it. There is obviously something to hide, and even if not, it is probably not worth taking the risk.

8. Another question to ask when buying a used car is can I test drive it?

Ask the seller to take a test drive. If the answer is no, then leave there is probably something to hide. They say yes, then drive it on the highway and find out how it handles at speed, not just round the block.

9.Tires can turn into an expensive cost, and when you purchase a utilized auto, regardless you would prefer not to supplant these soon.

You ought to check over the tread of the tires to ensure that they are not very exhausted. Exhausted tires could likewise be the reason for punctured tires, which you would prefer not to manage!

10.Final questions to ask when buying a used car is look in the engine and look at the battery.

Get some information about the last time that they had the battery supplanted and ensure you are not purchasing a battery that is excessively old. Most auto proprietors will purchase another battery just before they put on the auto up for beer. This will guarantee that you will have the capacity to head out without a bomb in your new utilized car!

Finally, if everything seems OK, ask for a price and start haggling. Nobody pays the asking price when buying a used car, and no doubt a few dollars have been added on for negotiation.

Reasons to Questions to Ask when Buying a Used Car

Purchasing a vehicle is not an easy task. Whether you are buying your first car or your child’s first auto, there are hundreds of questions to ask and options to consider from what color to what brand. In today’s automotive market, there are thousands of available cars just waiting to be purchased that come with all different bells and whistles. The first major option that individuals must consider is whether to buy new or used. Both options have a long list of pros and cons, but buying used cars have more pros than you think.

Reason to Buy a Used Car

The biggest reason consumers typically purchase used cars over new ones is the price. The least expensive new set of wheels is still approximately $10,000. Buying used gives the user a wider range of price options. Vehicles can be as cheap as hundreds of dollars. These, may not be as shiny and sporty as new, but they are available. For a few thousand dollars, it is possible to buy a good used car. There are many consumers who cannot afford more; buying used is a good way to get reliable means of transport without breaking the bank.


New cars depreciate at a rapid rate. One bought on a Saturday will lose 20% of its value by Friday. That means that any used car will be at the least 20% less expensive than its new counterpart. Only driving a new auto off the lot makes it significantly less valuable. The only catch is that the used car had a previous owner. Even if you have a larger budget, buying a used car can be a great way to stretch your dollar. For the same price, an individual can purchase a new or a year old vehicle with much more features. This allows a person to get a much more for much less when it come to buying transportation


A common reason individuals give to buy new instead of used is the stigma that used cars are broken. That can be the case for some used cars, but it is certainly not the case for each one. Buying a used is about being smart. If you purchase a car from a stranger without having a mechanic look at it, it could be possible that you are buying a bad lemon. It is inexpensive to have a mechanic take a look for a full inspection (at the least, far less costly than avoidable repairs down the road), and often dealerships will offer detailed history reports for their previously owned stock. There are some options available to ensure that the used car you are purchasing is in excellent condition.

Purchasing New Isn’t Always the Best

Purchasing a new vehicle is not always the better option. Used cars are the better way to get the most of your dollar. There are great options available if you take the time to do the research. Finding the perfect one may not be easy, but it will be worth it!

Most Popular Used Car Spares Parts

If you are looking for used car spares in Birmingham, you need to check out all of the used car spare parts that you can find at Tyseley Vehicle Breakers. You will be able to find quite a few car parts at prices that you are not going to be able to beat when you purchase the parts new at many of your retail auto parts stores.

There are lots of people that are going to seek out used car parts when they are looking for replacement components for their vehicle. The reason that people like to look for the used car spares in Birmingham is that many times the used car parts are going to be a lot more affordable than purchasing a brand new part from a retail auto parts store. Below in this article, you will find a list of some of the more popular use car parts that drivers like you are going to be seeking out for their car to replace their old car part that is no longer worker or are in much need of some repair.


Many times, it is going to be more affordable to install a used bumper onto your car rather than attempting to repair the broken one that you currently have on your car.  So many times, it is going to be easier to just install a replacement bumper than having your repaired bumper fixed.


You rely on some different mirrors in your car for you and your car to remain safe at all times. Even a small crack in one of your car’s mirrors is go to be enough to seriously impair your line of your view. Most of your junk cars that no longer run are still usually going to have pretty good mirrors on them. Check out used car spares in Birmingham so you can check to see what you can get in regards to a replacement mirror for your car.


Car hoods are usually very expensive if you have to buy a completely new one. To reduce overall costs of your car accident, a used car hood can make your vehicle look nice once again and be a lot cheaper than having to pay for a new car hood.


You should never rule out used car spares in Birmingham just because you want something shiny and new. When needing used car parts in Birmingham, you need to make sure that you check out all of the car parts that you are go to be able to find at Tyseley Vehicle Breakers. Don’t break the bank and see used car parts first.

What Are the Benefits of Used Cars?

Travel is a necessity, but most of us cannot afford to buy a brand new car.   How would you define a used car? Would it be an automobile with an engine that won’t crank or start, a battery that keeps running down, a car that rides rough, or bouncy? The answer would be a certain ‘no.’   The minute the car is out of the showroom, the car is labeled as used.

So what’s wrong in buying one?

The car makes and model choice, and the budget of an individual matter a lot during the purchase of a used automobile. The source of purchase also matters.   As mentioned earlier, as soon as a brand new car hits the road, the car loses value on depreciation.   The price of such an almost-new used car may even be half the value of the new one.


Buying a used automobile has other advantages too. Purchasing new cars has become a luxury rather than necessity.

Certified used automobiles have their value. You may be paying a little higher for a certified used car.  Several manufacturers offer special financing on these cars at lower rates than those on new car loans.

While the primary reason for buying a used car remains the affordability, we now know that other factors to justify our choice. You get to own your dream car and at the same time face lesser suffering. Remember these questions to ask when buying a used car in the future.

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