Primewell Tires Review: Buy or Pass? And Check It’s Prices Primewell Tires Review: Buy or Pass? And Check It’s Prices

One of the most important components of road safety for your car is the selection of tires you put on your vehicle. By purchasing a full set of tires for your automobile, you are making an investment not only in your vehicle – but your safety and the safety of everyone else in the passenger seats while you are driving. We tested a set of Primewell tires to determine if they are safe enough to put on your car, and how long you can expect a full set of Primewells to last before they need a replacement.

Let’s find out how well they suit you on the road.

​Primewell Tires 

A History of Primewell Tires

Primewell tires is a name recognizable to anyone who has ventured inside a Firestone location of the past several decades. Also,  Primewell falls under the umbrella of Giti Tire, a Singapore-based tire manufacturing company who has been around since 1951.

Primewell manufactures many different types of tires.

Whether you are accustomed to city driving, off-road racing, or high-mileage vehicles, Primewell has a tire that caters to your preferences.

We’re going to be looking at several different brands manufactured under the Primewell name and how they compare to each other, as well as other similar tire names on the market.



Parent Company



All-season, sport, and off-road


$30-$50 each


 13”-20” depending on model


Retail stores and online

Why Primewell Tires?

Primewell tires might not be the first name you think of when asked about a recognizable name in the tire industry. You’re more likely to think of Michelin, or maybe Bridgestone.

While Primewell isn’t quite at the trusted level of these top industry names, it’s not a bottom-of-the-barrel generic tire by any means.

The great thing about Primewell is the variety of vehicles that can accept Primewell tires. It doesn’t matter if you drive a van, truck, car, or SUV – Primewell has an option.

Fortunately, their tires won’t set you back too much compared to other tires on the market.

Pricing Primewell Tires

Finding a set of Primewell tires for an affordable price won’t require you to do much hunting. The per-tire price for a Primewell tire, regardless of type or specialty, typically hovers between $32-$45. This price is only for a single tire. Depending on the seller, you might be able to score a deal for buying four plus a spare at the same time.

Where to Buy Primewell Tires

You’ll find Primewell tires at any of your local Firestone locations.

Shopping in the store is as easy as stopping in, or calling a retail location, and asking about their current stock. Firestone locations can order the necessary tires for your vehicle, have them delivered to the shop, and install them when you bring your vehicle in.

If you prefer to shop elsewhere, you can look around your local auto parts store for comparison pricing. Be careful of anyone who tries to strong-arm you into a price, and if necessary, keep different prices handy to drive a bargain.

You can also find Primewell tires for sale on bigger online retailers like Amazon. If you purchase online, you can either have them delivered to your home or directly to the shop where you plan to have them installed.

Reviewing Primewell Tires

We looked at several different models for Primewell tires to determine how safe, reliable, and affordable each Primewell tire will be for you and your family.

There are many distinct differences between each model, and we’ll be looking at those variations in detail. This way, you know which tire to select when the season changes or when your vehicle is starting to show signs of old age.

Primewell PS880

Primewell PS850 Radial Tire - 155/80R13 79

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The Primewell PS880 tire is best suited for long drives and road trips during the summer months. This premium tire delivers high performance, but still maintains the comfort and stability necessary for extended periods on the road.

Smaller cars through middle-sized cars will be best suited for this tire, which comes in sizes ranging from 13 to 17 inches.

Four bigger grooves are incorporated into the treads, making the grip on wet and dry roads perfectly suited for your car during the warmer months. Thanks to a center design that is continuous, you can look forward to increased handling and more consistent stability in each tire.

You have a number of sizing options with the PS880. Almost 40 options are available, in sizes ranging from 17 to 14. You won’t be able to find a sidewall any higher than a 65, and most of the time, you’re looking at 55 or 60.

The Primewell PS880 is your choice for when you’re ready to hit the road and explore the country. Make sure to stick to the highways during this trip, and you’ll be crossing off many different destinations on your map.


Primewell All Season

Primewell PS850 Radial Tire - 205/70R15 96

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The Primewell All Season is exactly what it sounds like – a tire designed to meet your vehicle’s needs no matter what time of year it is. Whether you’re navigating a blizzard in the middle of January, or trekking across the desert in late July, this Primewell tire will keep you safe and secure as you drive.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that this tire is one of the more affordable in the entire Primewell tire lineup. You can equip it on just about any vehicle: compact cars, minivans, and even small commercial vehicles will accept the Primewell All Season.

Don’t expect a fancy look or feel with this tire.

The grooves built into the All Season are meant to provide you with a greater sense of safety and increase the resistance to any possible hydroplaning that might accompany a wet road. Your steering and handling response will also see a performance improvement thanks to the pattern blocks that you can see on each AllSeason tire.

As many as 27 different size varieties can be found in the All Season tire from Primewell.  Most of the specialties come for the 15-inch diameter. The amount of tread will let you breeze through water puddles and even a little bit of snow without too many problems!


Primewell Valera Sport AS

NEW 17 INCH P235/70-17 PRIMEWELL VALERA H/T 108S TIRE(S) P235/70R17...

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Now we get into the luxury model under the Primewell tire brand name. The Primewell Valera Sports AS, as the name suggests, is ultra-high in performance, with a specific direction built into the tread to increase your car’s presence on the road. Blazing through any amount of water will be a breeze thanks to the tread design found in this tire.

Along with the increased performance for hydroplaning, the Valera Sport has four wide grooves built into the tires, as well as bigger shoulder blocks that give you a boost in cornering and handling for your vehicle.

We don’t expect to see you putting this tire on a minivan. The Valera Sport is designed for fancy coupes and sporty sedans that wouldn’t look out of place on a race track. You’ll find the Primewell Valera Sport in diameters of 19 and 15 inches.


Primewell PS870 All Around Comfort

Here’s another Primewell tire whose name perfectly sums up what it’s capable of doing on the road. The Primewell PS870 All Around Comfort is built for performance no matter what day of the year it might be. That said, this tire functions the best during warm summer months, similar to the All Season mentioned above.

The mix made up of enhanced silica gives you a better grip on hot pavement, and this helps prevent the tire from breaking down over time, along with an improvement in your braking and handling performance.

By linking steels belts together, Primewell has created a new overlay build that contributes to the performance of the All-Around Comfort tire.

You’ll find this inside the mix of silica and rubber. Because this is a summer-oriented tire, you’ll only see two drainage channels in the center of the tire, as well as two more designed around the outer rim.

For vintage cars and other vehicles that have seen their share of interstates, the All Around Comfort is a great call. You can choose from 14 sizes, with not much variation in height (13 and 14) but a wide range for width (135 to 175).

As long as you aren’t planning on taking your vehicle out on an icy tundra, the Primewell All Around Comfort is an excellent choice.


Primewell Valera AT

NEW 17 INCH P235/70-17 PRIMEWELL VALERA H/T 108S TIRE(S) P235/70R17...

Shop now at

Looking to take your journey somewhere unpaved, or perhaps into the wild? The Valera AT tires has you in mind.

This tire is specifically engineered for the explorer who owns an SUV and plans on using it for more than just taking the kids to their after-school practice. The Valera AT tires installed five tread blocks into each tire, ensuring that you’ll be able to traverse some of the wildest and rocky paths you can find.

On top of the tire design, Primewell uses computer programs to fine-tune each individual tire’s grooves. Tread block shoulders are specifically designed to pass off any rocks, pebbles, and rigged terrain you might pass over as you continue to explore the paths otherwise uncharted by cars.

This is a tire that just plain looks tough, and you won’t confuse it with anything other than a straight-up off-road tire. The Primewell Valera ranges from a 15 all the way up to a 20. You won’t have any issue shoving these tires on a pickup truck or a mid-sized ATV.

Plan your outdoor excursion as soon as you plop these on your vehicle, and don’t forget to watch out for mud puddles.


Primewell Valera SUV

For dedicated sport utility drivers, Primewell makes the Valera SUV tires. These come with a standard asymmetrical tread that you’ll want to equip on any of your 4X4 vehicles suited for heavy-duty hauling and lifting.

You can purchase the Valera SUV tires in sizes anywhere from 17 to 20 inches. This is perfect for your SUV or a mid-sized crossover capable of handling both paved roads and the occasional adventure in the woods.

From here, the variations jump all over the place. You can check out ranges in tire width and length from 275/45 to 215/60.

You won’t have any trouble finding the exact size you need to accompany your SUV.



  • Reliable, safe and affordable
  •  Suited for long drives and road trips
  • All-season, sport, and off-road


  • Not locally made 

Choosing Primewell Tires

Now that we’ve looked at the different styles of Primewell tires, we need to figure out which one will be your selection for the vehicle you own.

Are you planning on using your vehicle every single day, or just for a specific period of time? Once you get it on the road, where are you going to take it?

If you’re not getting crazy and simply need a set of tires to get you to work and back, we would go with the All Season tires.

You won’t find a better choice in the Primewell lineup for a tire that does everything you need, no matter what time of year it is or what kind of weather you’re expecting. The All Season tires are guaranteed to keep your vehicle continuously moving, and in case of potholes or construction, you can rest assured that the tire’s engineering will withstand a few bumps along the way.

For all of your off-road needs, the Valera AT gets the job done, thanks to specific design tailored for the most rugged terrain. While the option is also there for the Valera SUV tires, we feel that the AT tires are best suited for any vehicle you own that isn’t restricted to highways and city roads.

Even if you don’t expect to take your vehicle away from the comfort of a paved road, the Valera AT will keep you as safe as you can ask for while inside an SUV or crossover.

If you’re specifically driving an ATV, there’s no other option.

Primewell tires offer an affordable alternative to some of the most well-regarded names in tires on the market.

Whether you have a luxury sedan or a monster SUV that eats through wooded areas for breakfast, you can find a reliable tire through Primewell.






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