Pep Boys auto service, you have probably heard the name around once or twice. Pep Boys is an iconic industry in the automotive world in North America. The company specializes in retail and automotive repairs and tires and has been serving the public for over 97 years. One of their most iconic services is their low cost Pep Boys oil change price. Today, we are going to look at some of the advantages of getting a pep boys oil change price as well as additional coupons you can take advantage of. Before we do that, let’s learn a little bit about this iconic brand. 

Pep Boys: Behind the Brand

When the brand first started in August 1st, 1921, Founders Moe Radavitz, W. Graham (Jack) Jackson, Maurice L. (Moe) Strauss and Emanuel (Manny) Rosenfeld where four friends who each piled $200 together to create an auto store. This unique name pays homage to the police officer who used to work near their store. Every time the police officer would pull someone over, he would tell the driver to pay a visit to pep, referring to their company’s name Pep Auto Supply Company. Soon after, the company shortened its name to the now iconic name Pep Boys.

As the business grew, so did the economy. But when the Great Depression hit, many companies and businesses succumbed to foreclosure. Pep Boys, however, was under operation by owners who did not incur debt or mortgages. Because of this, they were able to sustain business and continue on without much damage. 

For a majority of the company’s life, Pep Boys was owned and operated by a tight-knit group, keeping business pretty much within the family. It wasn’t until 1973 that the chairman of the board of directors was the first nonfounding family member to direct the company. 

Today, this modest investment that was born out of Philadelphia is now a booming multibillion dollar company with over 800 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico. The intimate customer service, brand loyalty, and trust that they have been able to develop with customers is what has allowed Pep Boys to be such an iconic Staple in American automotive retail. Along with this, Pep Boys is known to be one of the most competitive automotive suppliers in the country. The standout feature is that customers do not have to sacrifice quality when you shop from this dependable brand. 

Today,  Pep Boys is a full-service automotive chain that offers everything from tires to a classic Pep Boys oil change service. With that being said, let’s dive into the details of a Pep Boys oil change price and what you can expect to get out of their service. 

Why Should You Get a Pep Boys Oil Change?

Not only has Pep Boys been around a long time, but they have been able to build a brand that stands for quality service and exceptional craftsmanship. With 800 locations across the  nation, you are likely to find a Pep Boys near you. With that, you can call them to get an appointment scheduled for your tire and auto needs. Pep Boys is also known for offering exceptionally low priced services that beat out the competition time and time again. This goes for their Pep Boys oil change price. You don’t have to sacrifice quality with with their service. You simply get exactly what you need and are on the road so that you don’t have to waste any extra time or money. 

Save With a Pep Boys Reward

If you become a member, you should take advantage of their Rewards program. This is a great way to say on a Pep Boys oil change price. Their rewards program allows you to take advantage of free brake checks, and tire pressure checks. You will also find that you can get discounts on things such as tire rotations, towing, flat tires, and of course a Pep Boys oil change price. Every time you make a purchase from Pep Boys, your purchase will transfer into reward points that you can use down the line for other discounts on goods and services. 

Speaking of discounts and products, it should be noted that because Pep Boys offers goods and services online, you might want to check online before you head out to their store. Like many competitors such as AutoZone, Pep Boys will at times offer reduced prices on the same product if you buy it online as opposed to buying it in the store. To help save on your Pep Boys oil change price, you may want to consider purchasing your motor oil online first before you get to the store. 

How Much Is an Oil Change at Pep Boys

Pep Boys is known for offering competitive pricing on goods and services. This goes for a Pep Boys oil change price as well. If you are wondering how much a Pep Boys oil change service costs, then below is an estimated Pep Boys oil change price. And yes, you can expect to pay different prices depending on the different types of oil you get. 

To get some great discounts on a Pep Boys oil change price, be sure to download the ibotta app. This app will let you snag some great rebates on motor oil brands that the Pep Boys carry. This is another great way to save on your already affordable Pep Boys oil change price. 

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Our Favorite Motor Oils

Types of oil 

Now that we have talked about the different types of Pep Boy oil change price options available, it would be helpful if you understood the difference between these motor oil types as well. When you are shopping for a Pep Boys oil change, then you need to know what these different types of oils have to offer. Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of engine oil options available.

Conventional Motor Oil 

When it comes to the status quo, conventional motor oil is the most common type of motor oil used in cars. In its natural state, it is oil that is crude but undergoes a refining process in a factory. In order to improve its viscosity, there are additives and different processes this oil undergoes. Because it is so easy to manufacture, it is also one of the cheapest types of motor oil you can get. Although it offers a lower degree of protection when compared to other motor oils, conventional motor oil will typically get the job done just fine. There are some cars however that will not allow you to use conventional motor oil for the engine. Be sure to check with your car’s manufacturer first.

Full synthetic motor oil

Full synthetic sounds exactly like what it is. This type of oil is manufactured in a factory or in a lab. Unlike conventional motor oil, full synthetic motor oil will generally be consistent no matter which batch you test. Also, this oil will be more fine and is an overall better quality oil for your engine as compared to conventional motor oil. When compared to conventional motor oil, full synthetic oil is more expensive. In fact, it’s about $20 to $30 more than conventional motor oil. The upside to this is that this type of oil will last a lot longer in your car’s engine and will require you to do less oil changes as well. Some consider that over time, you will spend just about the same if not less than conventional motor oil when you are doing your oil changes. 

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

Synthetic blend motor oil is designed for high tech engines. Synthetic blend motor oil is a blend between factory manufactured oil, and natural oil. This type of motor oil allows you to have long lasting performance because of its high viscosity that protects against deposits. Synthetic blend motor oils are able to hold the lubrication even at high temperatures. When you continuously use synthetic blend motor oil in your car’s engine, you will find that over time your car will run a lot more smoothly with a higher fuel efficiency. Not only that, but for some cars, you may even notice an increase in your car’s horsepower thanks to the reduced drag of the engine. The downside to synthetic blend motor oil is the fact that it is one of the more expensive options to go for. However, opting for synthetic motor oil means that you won’t be sacrificing the integrity of your car over extended use.  While it is the best, it should be noted that some engines will not benefit from synthetic blend motor oil. Be sure to always consult your cars manufacturer instructions first. 

High mileage oil

A fairly unique type of motor oil you will also find on the shelves is high mileage oil. High mileage oil has a very distinct mixture of additives that are designed to help protect the seals in your engine. Because of this, there will be less oil evaporation and a general improved performance of your car’s engine. One of the best types of cars to use this type of motor oil on is vehicles that have collected high mileage on them. (Hence the name). Cars that have racked miles on them can benefit from the fact that high mileage motor oil was designed to help protect against any leaks the engine may be experiencing. 

The type of oil you choose to put in your vehicle really depends on several factors. These factors vary from the type of environment you live in, whether it’s too hot or too cold, the age of your engine, what your engines manufacturer recommends, and even the way you drive your vehicle. To find the right motor oil for your vehicle, be sure to consult your auto service mechanic as well as your car’s manufacturer. 


Pep Boys prices depend on the service you avail of, and these are divided into the following categories: oil change, suspension and steering, heating and cooling, wheel alignment and brake services. Each of these services may be customized to meet the needs of vehicle owners, a good example of which is the oil change.

Pep Boys oil change cost will depend on which of the following packages you avail of:

Pep Boys Oil Change Prices Conventional Oil Change

The Conventional Oil Change package includes up to 5 quarts of conventional oil, courtesy vehicle inspection, tire pressure check, tread depth, tire rotation, and oil filter. There are no shop or disposal fees.

The Premium Conventional Pennzoil/Castrol GTX Oil Change Service Package

The Premium Conventional Pennzoil/Castrol GTX Oil Change Service Package is really the “diamond” package as it only incorporates the top brands. The premium oil package provides protection against viscosity breakdown and deposit buildup. The premium package also offers superior protection from wear and tear. Just like the conventional oil change package, there are no disposal or start up fees, with tire pressure check and tire rotation services available. Other oil change packages are available including Premium Plus and Mobil1 Synthetic.

Along with the full-service repair and maintenance capabilities, Pep Boys also provides services for the commercial auto parts market. Back in 2005, the company was named one of the fastest growing in the US, and it continues to expand today.

Final Thoughts on a Pep Boys Oil Change Price

It’s no secret that going to Pep Boys is one of the best options if you are looking to get quality service and quality products at a competitive price. The same goes for when you are getting your routine oil change for your car. The Pep Boys oil change price is one that you simply cannot beat, regardless of the type of motor oil you are getting. Have you had any experience with a  service such as a Pep Boys oil change price? let us know on the bottom how your experience was! Until then, be sure to check out their online presence as well as friendly apps like Ibotta to get the best deal on your next Pep Boys oil change price!

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