Midas Inc. is an automotive maintenance service company with headquarters in Itasca, Illinois. Founded in 1956 by Nate H. Sherman, the company has more than 2,300 locations in the US and Canada. Midas oil change services are also available in other countries where they are either franchised or duly licensed. Below are the estimated Midas oil change prices.

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Midas Oil Change Cost and Services

Midas oil change cost depends on the service you choose, of which there are many. Apart from oil change the company also specializes in brakes and brake repair, tire check and repair, as well as mufflers and exhaust. In addition, a Midas technician can also check your vehicle’s engine light, the AC, heating, hoses, and belts. If necessary, the steering and suspension will be looked into as well.

During an oil change, a Midas Courtesy Check may be performed, which includes an assessment of the engine air filter, the coolant, transmission, and other components. To make sure that your car isn’t damaged, the technician will guide you through the information provided in your car manual for replacing the filters and fluids.

The same dedicated service can be found in their brakes and repair service as well. The company knows how important brakes are to a vehicle, which is why their technicians are all ASE certified who know exactly which components need to be replaced and which ones are working. In addition, the technicians will explain all the options available so you can find one that suits your budget.

Midas first became known for its muffler service, and it still remains one of their strengths. Today, the company is known as one of the leading exhaust and muffler systems services in the US, and this is not surprising given it has more than 50 years of experience in the development of high-end mufflers, pipes and other exhaust components for cars and trucks.

In addition, Midas provides catalytic converters that meet the requirements set by the CARB and EPA for less pollution. Furthermore, the company also offers a wide range of exhaust options including their renowned Lifetime Guaranteed mufflers as well as high-end exhaust systems and mufflers. Finally, Midas offers several kinds of hazard flashers, interior lamps, turn signals, brake, park and tail lights for your vehicle.


The Midas story began in 1956 when it was founded by Nate H. Sherman, with the first service opening in Georgia. The service was called the Midas Muffler back then as they specialized in muffler replacement. As the years passed and the company grew, their services began to expand, so from being strictly a muffler replacement company, Midas reinvented itself into a complete car care service center.

As pointed out above, the Midas Company now provides a complete range of services including suspensions, fluid changes, and brakes among others. The expansion of services proved beneficial for the company as it led to rapid expansion throughout the United States. In 2012, Midas was purchased by the TBC Corporation.

Because of the very competitive Midas oil change prices, the company has continued to grow, and they’re now widely recognized as experts in auto maintenance and repair.

For more information about Midas, visit their official website.

Midas Oil Change prices

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