Jiffy Lube Services has more than 2,000 service centers in North America. Founded in 1979, it has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. A subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, it offers a wide range of services for vehicles including oil changes, car air conditioning repair and maintenance, air filtration replacement, wheel alignment, and belt replacement.

Jiffy Lube centers are 100% franchise-owned. To date, it serves an estimated 20 million customers annually. Does Jiffy Lube replace headlights or tire rotation? What if the cost for a Jiffy Lube brake light replacement? Please check the complete list of Jiffy Lube services below.

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Jiffy Lube is credited for starting the fast oil change industry. It was founded by Jim Hindman in 1979 as a group of fast-lube centers in the western part of the United States.

Jiffy Lube introduced the first drive-thru service in the country, making oil changes a lot quicker for customers. It was also the first company to introduce a window sticker aimed at reminding customers about their next scheduled oil change.

Another innovation that the company had was a nationwide database which tracks the service history of its clients. Thus customers can visit any Jiffy Lube center to inquire about the service history of their vehicles.

It went public in the 80s when the company was nearing the 1,000-store mark. However, things soured that it posted loss of as much as $39 million. It would then declare bankruptcy. The next decade, it became a subsidiary of Pennzoil.

When Pennzoil was merged with Quaker State in the late 90s, more than 500 Q Lube stores were merged with Jiffy Lube. A couple of years later, the brand was acquired by Shell Oil.


Aside from its financial struggles, Jiffy Lube Services has also its shares of controversies. In 2003, a TV investigative report alleged that the company was charging its customers for services that were not performed by its personnel.

Ten years later, another TV report alleged that there are Jiffy Lube centers that continue to practice the said fraud.

Jiffy Lube Services

Jiffy Lube offers signature service oil change, providing a comprehensive preventive maintenance to examine, change, flush, and fill essential components of a vehicle. Jiffy Lube air conditioning services is also available in most shops.

Vehicle owners can also go to Jiffy Lube centers for air filtration services such as passenger cabin air filter replacement and engine air filter replacement. It also offers brake services, from brake inspection, brake repair, to brake fluid exchange.

Other services offered by the company include cooling system maintenance, engine services, fuel system cleaning, safety inspection, and emission testing, suspension, drivetrain, and transmission services. The Jiffy Lube headlight replacement cost is one of the lowest in this business with small variations depending on the car model and many other services have friendlier prices then the competition.

Jiffy Lube Awards and Recognitions

The company is well-recognized by various organizations. It was the top-ranked company in Training Magazine’s yearly listing of companies excellence based on training and development programs. It was ranked number three in the top franchises by the Entrepreneur Magazine in 2013.

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) also recognized it for having the best international training program.

The company has taken pride in having highly skilled technicians. All technicians have to complete a comprehensive training program, the Jiffy Lube University. Said training program has been recognized for its comprehensive curriculum and for producing highly-skilled graduates.

Jiffy Lube Services: does jiffy lube replace headlights or tire rotation? Jiffy Lube brake light replacement?

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