Have you noticed that your vehicle is not driving as smoothly as it did before? If your vehicle is becoming difficult to steer in a straight line or is shaking then it is time for your vehicle to receive maintainence. These are common signs of a wheel alignment problem.

Does Jiffy Lube Do Alignments?

Though Jiffy Lube does not currently offer wheel alignment services, it is important that you keep your vehicle’s wheels aligned to increase the life of your tires.

Currently Jiffy Lube does not do wheel alignments at any of their locations.

If you have recently run over any objects in the road or been involved in any minor vehicle accidents then it is time for a wheel alignment. While it is not possible to receive a Jiffy Lube alignment at this time there are several other companies that can provide you with a wheel alignment to keep your vehicle safe. Click HERE to find wheel alignment coupons for auto repair companies that can help you by providing an affordable wheel alignment when service is needed.