Have you noticed that your vehicle is not driving as smoothly as it did before? If your vehicle is becoming difficult to steer in a straight line or is shaking then it is time for your vehicle to receive maintenance. These are common signs of a wheel alignment problem.

What Is The Jiffy Lube Alignment Cost?

Though Jiffy Lube does not offer wheel alignment services at every location, it is important that you keep your vehicle’s wheels aligned to increase the life of your tires.

Currently, Jiffy Lube does not do wheel alignments at some of their stores.

If you have recently run over any objects in the road or been involved in any minor vehicle accidents then it is time for a wheel alignment. While it is not possible to receive a Jiffy Lube alignment at every location, there are several other companies that can provide you with a wheel alignment to keep your vehicle safe. Call the nearest shop to find out if they perform wheel alignments, and check their Jiffy Lube alignment cost. If you don’t have any luck, click HERE to find wheel alignment coupons for auto repair companies that can help you by providing an affordable wheel alignment in your area.

jiffy Lube Alignment

What Is A Tire Alignment?

 A wheel alignment it’s just the same as any other tire alignment. It helps your tires perform better and helps them last longer. It also keeps your car  from shaking or vibrating while driving on the street. The purpose of a tire alignment is to change the angles of the wheels and direct the way they make contact with the road. 

How To Know When You Need An Alignment

Driving causes wear and tear on your tires, especially if you drive on damaged roads. Also, driving over potholes or running into a curb can knock your wheels out of alignment. Even the slightest alignment problems can increase wear and tear to your tires. It’s recommended that you have a wheel alignment every 6000 miles. By doing so, you will prolong the life of your car and your tires. 

Thankfully, there are several ways that you can detect if your car needs an alignment. Here are a few clues: 

  • Increased wear and tear on your tires
  • Your steering wheel is crooked, even when you drive straight
  • Screeching tires
  • Your car veers to the left or the right on its own 

Wheel Alignment Vs Tire Balancing 

People usually confuse a wheel alignment with tire balancing. Both help the life of your tires, but they are not the same service. As you drive your vehicle, your wheels become imbalanced. Actually, tire balancing is required more frequently than wheel alignments. As time goes on, the damage to your tires start to affect the weight distribution around the wheel—which causes it to be off balance. Usually, you can tell when this happens because there is shaking and vibrating when you drive. When a mechanic balances your tires, they will check the wheels and adjust them to the correct balance based on the results of the examination. Most of the time, wheel balancing is done at the same time as tire rotation, which is typically every 6000 miles or every six months.

On the other hand, a tire alignment is needed to keep a proper balance to the angle of your vehicle’s tires. Mecanics inspect every part of your tires while  doing an alignment, and they make the necessary changes to correct any issues. If you’ve hit a curb or had a collision with another vehicle, it’s best to have your alignment checked. 

What Does A Wheel Alignment Include?

When a mechanic checks your wheel alignment, there are three primary things that he checks for the camber, toe, and the caster.


 The camber is the interior and exterio angle of the tire when it is being directed from the front of the car. Too much of an inward or outward tilt can create  an improper alignment and needs to be readjusted. Things like ball joints bearings and other wheel parts that are torn can also contribute to camber misalignment. 


When your wheels are turned  in the same direction this is called toe alignment. If the tires are both going in the same direction, that could cause issues. The wheels both have to be in the correct angle in order to maneuver the vehicle correctly. 


 The caster angle helps to balance steering instability. More importantly, it’s the angle of the steering axis that helps the driver maneuver. If the caster is correct, the steering axis will tilt towards the driver. However, a negative caster will bend towards the front of the vehicle. When you get an alignment, this is something your mechanic will look into. 

Reasons Why You Need A Tire Alignment

A wheel alignment is another one of the essential routine maintenance services that you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Your tires are what keep your tires driving, and what keeps you and others safe on the road. Poorly functioning tires is a recipe for disaster. Here are some other reasons why alignments are vital: 


Your wheels are feathered when the tread on the tires are smooth on one side and sharp on the opposite side. Feathered tires are typically a result of poor toe alignment.


Heel/ Toe wear happens when one side of your tread alignment wears down faster than the other. If you were to run your fingers over the tread, it would feel like saw teeth. This kind of wear and tear is a result of under-inflation or a lack of tire rotation. 

Camber wear

This type of tread wear occurs when the inside of the tread is more worn than the center of it. Again, this happens due to a positive or negative chamber alignment.  

Why Should You Let A Professional Do It For You?

If you’re low on cash, you might be tempted to do your own tire wheel alignment. However, that’s not a good idea, even if you have experience doing it before. A tire alignment isn’t as easy as putting more washer fluid into your car; it takes time and effort. So, if you were considering bypassing the pros, here are some reasons why you should think twice: 

Improper Equipment

Even if you have the equipment needed to do your own tire alignment, doing the home version could still put you in a pickle. If you ever looked at the mechanics at the auto shop do a wheel alignment, they usually have the tools available to elevate the car. This is important because you need to see everything while you’re doing the repair. If you’re at home, there’s a slim chance that you can raise your car from the ground high enough to do things properly. Not to mention, you might be missing some of the tools the mechanics use at the shop. With that said, it’s best to go to the pros and let them do it for you.


It’s not easy doing a tire alignment. Not to mention, your tires are vital to keeping you safe on the road; therefore, you have to put your all into making sure it’s the correct way. If you go to an auto shop, you might spend about an hour or so waiting for your vehicle to get finished. On the other hand, doing it yourself means spending more time under your car. You have to ask yourself, is the time spent doing tirel alignment is worth the money you’ll save —you have to weigh the pros and cons.

Possible Mistakes

If you’ve done multiple tire alignments, you might be able be successful with doing your own. However, if you’ve never done one, it’s not smart to do it yourself. Sure, there are lots of videos online that could show you how to do it. But watching someone else and following instructions, is different from putting it into action. As previously stated, when your tires are not performing properly, it puts you and others on the road in danger. Therefore, it is best to pay the money needed to get an alignment versus doing it on your own. 

Final Thoughts On Jiffy Lube Alignment Cost

Now that you know more about tire alignments, you should understand more about Jiffy Lube alignment cost and why the price is the amount that it is. It’s not always fun or cheap, to keep up the maintenance on your car, but it’s worth it.When you buy a vehicle, you want it to last you for quite a while. Part of getting the most out of your car is taking care of it. Even if you buy  the best vehicle on the lot, it won’t matter if you neglect it. Thankfully, you don’t have to get a wheel alignment as often as you have to get gas. It’s maintenance that you only need a few times a year or less, and it’ll save you money in the long run.  


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