Is your car ready for the Summer? Is your car ready for the Summer?

Is your car ready for the Summer?

Car Tips April 28, 2016 Editorial Staff 0

Summer is just about here and chances are you won’t be forgetting your grilling supplies or sunblock for that matter. But what about your car? It needs to get ready too. Here are some tips on making your car ready for all that fun in the sun.

Tires are perhaps the most important factor in safety.

Check you brakes. During the winter using your breaks heats up the related parts, and splashing icy puddles for water cools them back down. This constant temperature change can wear them down. If you can take off your tires and check the brake pads to see if there is serious wear or cracks.

Wash it. After driving through salty water and/or snow, dirty water and/or snow, and getting snowed on your car will need a good thorough cleaning. Use good cleaning products and high pressure water to get rid of all the salt and dirt on the surface, in the wheel wells and the undercarriage.

Check the oil, coolant, automatic transmission fluid, power steering and brake fluid. Make sure all fluids are at appropriate levels, and appropriate colors. Oil should be amber colored not dark brown and changed every 4,000-7,000 miles depending on whether it’s synthetic or not. You can get a coolant tester from an auto parts store and it needs to be changed once a year for best performance. Automatic transmission fluid should be red and at appropriate levels, too much can cause performance problems. Power steering fluid should not be dark brown if it is you’ll need to have the system flushed and refilled. Make sure brake fluid is a t the right levels and never reuse a n opened bottle of brake fluid.

Check your battery to make sure the fluid levels are high enough. If not, fill to the right level with distilled water. Last check your windshield wipers. The blades are made for specifically for a winter or summer, and no matter what after dealing with months of snow and ice chances are they’re worn out. So don’t use the old blades and a streaky windshield, chances are you need to see where you’re going.

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