For Better Engine Performance, Go For a Fuel System Cleaning Service For Better Engine Performance, Go For a Fuel System Cleaning Service

A car’s fuel system is heavily dependent on the efficiency of its fuel injector. This device is actually a valve that supplies liquid fuel to the car engine. It must deliver the precise amount of fuel in the right place inside the engine for it to be efficient.

There also must be a correct amount of air volume mixed to the fuel so that it will burn inside the engine.

How Are Fuel Injectors Made

Fuel injectors are designed to deliver the fuel in spray form and in a specific pattern inside the engine. The spray patterns vary and are dependent on the type and design of the injector. To obtain these patterns, the liquid fuel must be delivered under certain pressure.

The amount of pressure also varies. Engines for gasoline sedans are equipped with port injection systems that operate under a pressure equal to 60 pounds per square inch. Late car models with direct injection system operate at a pressure which is about 10 to 30 times greater. Diesel engines in passenger vehicles are equipped with fuel injectors that operate at 30,000 psi or even more.

Each cylinder in an engine has a fuel injector. So, if your car has four cylinders, it will also have four fuel injectors.

The control computer on your car monitors the condition of the engine and the car’s different sensors and uses the information to adjust the operation of the fuel injectors. In that way, the injectors can deliver the precise amount of fuel inside the engine.

Fuel Injectors Are Important to the Efficient Performance of Your Car

The above explanations will show you how important fuel injectors are in the efficient operation of your car. They are manufactured in precise specifications in such a way that any type of contamination such as dirt and foreign substances will affect their performance.

When sludge forms in the injector, the pressure, timing, spray pattern of its fuel delivery will be adversely affected. Your car’s fuel efficiency will go down and you will be spending more for every mile that you travel. Engine performance will also significantly drop.

Keeping the Car Injectors Clean

Maintaining the efficiency of your fuel injector means keeping them clean all the time. Cleaning service for your car’s fuel system is therefore vital to the efficient performance of your car. Thankfully, there are many car service shops such as Jiffy Lube which includes this job in the maintenance service aside from their Jiffy Lube oil change.

But there are certain things you can do yourself to ensure that your injectors are kept clean. One of them is by strictly using high quality fuel. These types of fuel contain additives and detergents that clean the inner parts of the car engine.

The quality of the established brands of gasoline and diesel fuel is consistent compared to cheaper kinds of fuels from not so popular brands. These established oil companies need to protect their brand name therefore they are stricter when it comes to their production processes and quality control.

Another way you can prevent your fuel injectors from being contaminated by sludge and dirt is by keeping the fuel filter clean at all times. The fuel filter keeps out rust, dirt and all kinds of contaminants from the fuel as it is sucked from the fuel tank to the engine.

As the filter does this over time, it will eventually clog up, and the fuel will then bypass it. With all kinds of dirt in tow, the fuel enters the engine, adversely affecting its burning efficiency.

So, you should check your fuel filter regularly for any signs of clogging. Your operator’s manual should indicate when you should do this regular inspection and cleaning. It should be a part of your regular preventive maintenance.

Always keep in mind that if you are using an older car, or if you are buying cheap types of fuel, you will need to check on your filters more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Another way to maintain the cleanness of your fuel is by buying fuel cleaners. You need to pour the right amount of fuel cleaner inside the car’s fuel tank. They are designed to prevent contaminant and dirt build up in the fuel injectors and also get rid of the deposits of varnish, gum and carbon in the fuel.

However, this cleaner won’t be able to clean a totally gummed up injector. You have to ask the professional attendant from a car repair shop specializing in fuel system repairs to do that.

And to be safe, you should read the labels of whatever product you will buy for cleaning your injectors. They will show you how to use them, and the proper amount you can introduce in your fuel tank for optimum results.

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