Flowmaster Mufflers are a great way to show your car power and you’ll always be pleased with the amazing sound that a custom, aftermarket, the muffler can produce.   There are tons of models that you can buy but Flowmaster mufflers are the best and they come in a variety of models to choose from, each of them producing a unique sound that will please your ears. Some of them are loud and very powerful, some produce a mild but still powerful sound, but you will find the perfect model for you if you know what are you looking for. Being on the best is hard so Flowmaster mufflers compensate by delivering great products at a very reasonable price and there are lots of happy customers that were pleased by these models.

Flowmaster mufflers come in a large variety and they are divided in series, so let’s see some of the best series that they have.

The Best Series of Flowmaster Mufflers

Super 10 Series, Delta Flow Mufflers

the super 10 series are among the loudest and the most powerful mufflers produced by Flowmaster. Despite its size, this muffler will blow your mind once you stomp on the gas. Super 10’s produce a noticeable sound and they are perfect for the track but maybe a little too loud to use them on the streets.

40 Series, Original Mufflers

the second most aggressive series, but suitable for the streets as well as it’s for the track. It produces a deep, undertone sound that gives power and muscular attitude to your car. It gives that well known, muscle car tone and the bass produces a great and aggressive sound.

Super 44 Series, Delta Flowmaster Mufflers

These are the loudest and the most aggressive flowmaster mufflers ever built. The Super 44 produces a very rich sound.  You will get the deepest tone possible and very surprised once you put your foot on the gas.   The sound is almost intimidating, the tone is just mind-blowing and it will attract many people.

Super 40 Series, Delta Flow Mufflers

Some great flowmaster mufflers that produce a very aggressive sound are perfect for a little ride around the neighborhood. The sound produced by this muffler is basically the sound that a real muscle car should produce.

Pro Series, Laminar Flow Mufflers –

With a moderate sound, not too loud and not too mild, yet still strong enough to give your car that power and aggressive effect. Plain simple, no complicated baffles to restrict the flow, these flowmaster mufflers produce a bass-filled, deep sound that it’s enough to impress you and your friends.

DBX Series Laminar Flow Mufflers

A combination between the HP-2 and the Pro Series, this series is the perfect choice for a large variety of cars.   Perfectly balanced, offering a refined tone with aggressive influences.   This is the best muffler from the moderated series produced by Flowmaster.

50 Series Big Block Mufflers

The series that offers the mildest sound, perfect for city cars, SUVs, RVs and anything that has a big engine. Even if they have the least powerful tone, it’s still much more powerful and loud than your stock muffler. Perfect for everyone, this is the most appreciated muffler in their series and the most versatile one.

Flowmaster Mufflers Technology
flowmaster mufflers

Be sure that you know your engine very good before mounting custom flowmaster mufflers because choosing one that doesn’t get along with your engine can drastically reduce the power of your engine and will result in a very bad situation.

Flowmaster mufflers have been around for 30 years. The innovation of everything and to make sure that you have the best exhaust system available on the market. There are many patents related to the automotive world.  Flowmaster is the first to produce some of the best technologies available today.  You can be sure that when you choose a Flowmaster Muffler you are choosing the best product on the market.

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