Do You Need Fuel Injection Services? Do You Need Fuel Injection Services?

Do You Need Fuel Injection Services?

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Most late car models are equipped with fuel injection systems. This system was designed to improve the burning efficiency of modern cars. Servicing the fuel injection system of a car is not a part of regular car maintenance simply because older cars don’t use this system.

What is a Fuel Injection System?

Fuel injection is the modern system of delivering fuel inside an internal combustion engine. By the 1980s through the 1990s, it slowly replaced the carburetor system because of its increased fuel burning efficiency.

The main difference between fuel injection and carburetor systems is that the former atomizes the fuel while the latter depends on suction created by the air intake to introduce fuel into the airflow.

Being smaller in size, atomized fuel burns more readily and more efficiently compared to liquid fuel.

Now, more than likely, your car is equipped with this system. Therefore you have to include it in your regular preventive maintenance schedule. It will ensure that your car engine’s capacity to efficiently burn fuel will be maintained. Some car shops offer this kind of service. Pep Boys fuel system services is one of them.

Servicing the Fuel Injection System

Car shops performing fuel injection services clean carbon deposits that formed in the fuel injector and the fuel rails. Some types of services include the cleaning of the fuel tank, as well as the carbon deposits in the engine valves.

Even fuel injectors don’t completely burn liquid fuel. That is why carbon deposits still form because of the unburned portions of the liquid fuel.

Do Fuel Injection Services Work?

Yes, they do. If the service is performed accurately, you can feel the effect of the improved fuel efficiency. The car will be able to deliver more horsepower and correct some of the issues you might have with the car’s performance.

The purpose of the fuel injection service is to bring the car to its optimum performance and fuel efficiency. It is known to silence the annoying carbon knocks from the engine. These are knocking noises coming from the engine caused by the excessive buildup of carbon deposits getting in contact with some inner parts of the car engine.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

The cost of a fuel injection service varies from service center to service center. And the procedure is not really the same as well from one car shop to another, as well as the product used.

But whatever you choose, be sure that your car’s entire fuel system is really cleaned and that includes the fuel tank. For such procedure, be ready to shell out approximately $150.

There are two kinds of cleaning, related to the fuel injection service that you can choose from: injection service and induction service. The first one is what has been previously been discussed.

Induction service on the other hand focuses on cleaning the throttle body of the carbon deposits that have already formed. This is really nothing new. If you are good at negotiating, you can even have this service for free if you pay first for the fuel injection service.

Is it Worth It?

The value of fuel injection service will depend on the condition of your car. If after the service is performed on your vehicle and you notice a considerable improvement in its fuel efficiency and the engine’s performance, you have fully obtained your money’s worth.

However, it is also possible to attain maximum efficiency and good engine performance if you are consistent in your use of quality feel and good car preventive maintenance. If you are consistent in these two aspects, you probably won’t benefit so much from fuel injection services. But if you are not able to sustain good driving practices, you surely will benefit with an FI service.

The question you need to ask yourself is: can your fuel savings justify the cost of servicing your fuel injection system? It is important to remember that the life of your car is heavily dependent on your type of driving and the quality of fuel you are feeding it.

If you cannot sustain good driving habits, you certainly will need regular fuel injection services if you want your car to survive for many years.

Reasons Why Fuel Injection Service Became Accepted

You need to understand the real reasons why fuel injection service became part of car maintenance service. Here are some of them.

  • Poor fuel quality
  • Non-observance of good vehicle maintenance
  • Easy sell because of high gas prices
  • Increases the profit of car service shops

In reality, fuel injection is not really a ‘must’ in vehicle maintenance. It only became important because of the way most drivers treat their cars. They don’t drive properly, are not consistent in their use of quality fuel, and they don’t give much priority to the preventive maintenance of their vehicles.

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