Cleaning Your Windshield Like a Professional! Cleaning Your Windshield Like a Professional!

Cleaning Your Windshield Like a Professional!

Car Tips October 5, 2016 Editorial Staff 0

Does It Feel Like Your Windshield Is Always Fogging  Up?

Cleaning Your Windshield Just Got Easier!

When you get into your car and start driving do you suddenly get a “fog” on the inside of your windshield? We aren’t just talking about the normal fog caused by the temperature outside being cooler then the inside temperature,  that goes away when you turn on the defroster.  We are speaking more specifically to the “misty-looking” film that shows up suddenly and is especially noticeable in the direct sunlight.  Drivers have tried wiping with a tissue, their sleeve and in some cases a hat while driving.

First, why does this happen?   Experts tell us,  films like this can come from contamination you bring into the car.   For example, air fresheners are the biggest offenders.  Throw them away.  If your car stinks, you should find out why and deal with that.    Stop using cleaners made to “clean”  vinyl and plastic they give off-gas and coat windshields.   The best cleaner for the interior parts of a new car is a damp cloth. Scientifically, new cars give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  These gasses come from the newer plastics, fabrics and leather of your new vehicle.  Overnight or whenever the vehicle is not getting fresh air circulated, the gasses cool and then condense on the glass leaving a film that makes the glass look cloudy.    After a few years, the heat bakes out all these solvents and other VOCs and the windshield will be easier to keep clean.


In the meantime, here is something that can help.

To deal with the problem, you need to get the glass clean first.  The experts say they prefer non-ammonia cleaners.  One that has worked well is  Stoners Invisible Glass.


It will come back over time, but if you wash your car regularly and clean the inside of your windows it shouldn’t be a problem.  Take five minutes a week cleaning your windshield and just by adding this to your routine you will be looking through clean glass in the future.

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