Serpentine Belt: Understanding the Role that It Plays in A Vehicle
Have you ever visited a ​mechanic or an auto parts store and felt like they were speaking a different language? If you don’t know a lot about cars, that can be a common experience. So, learning a little bit about some of the most basic parts and functions of... Read more
How To Change An IAC Valve On Your Car Without A Mechanic
How to Change an IAC Valve on Your Car Without A Mechanic You’re heading to the store one day and your car stalls unexpectedly in the intersection. You’ve never had any issues with it before, so it worries you a little. When you finally get to the store, you... Read more
How to Tell You Need to Change Your Blower Motor on Your Car
The blower motor is an important component to a working heating and air conditioning system in your car. It is the main electric motor that helps blow the air through the vents. If the blower motor is going bad or there is something caught in the fan, then heat... Read more
8 Signs That You Need a New Rear Differential on Your Car
Caring for your car, at times, can feel like caring for a child. There are spills, leaks, and sometimes, a horrifying sound that comes from somewhere you can’t see. If your car has a rear differential that’s acting up, how do you know? What can do you do to... Read more
Firestone Complete Auto Care: An Honest Review
One of the most stressful situations involving your car is the idea of finding a repair service. Can you trust the mechanics with your vehicle, and how reputable are they? Where do you go to find out how they will treat your property? Can they be trusted with something as... Read more
Spark Plug Replacement: Why, When and How
Spark plugs are some of the more mystifying parts of the internal combustion. They are so small, yet so vital and are hard to keep track off. There are few ways to keep track of a spark plugs effectiveness and lifetime so it can be a real pain figuring... Read more
Signs You Need a New Oxygen Sensor in Your Car
Not many car owners know about their O2 sensor. It’s one of those car parts that serves a valuable purpose, but most people aren’t even aware of its existence. Newer cars have better O2 sensors than older cars, which means you won’t have to replace them as frequently as... Read more
The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Maaco Paint Job
Whether you’ve been in a collision and your vehicle has sustained paint damage, or you just want a new color on an old classic, getting the paint job right is extremely important. After all, it’s the first thing people see! Without the proper prep work or the right technicians,... Read more
How to Complete a Headlight Replacement By Yourself
If your headlights are starting to fail, it’s essential that you replace them right away. Dim or burnt-out headlights mean you won’t be able to see the road appropriately in inclement conditions. On top of that. Other drivers won’t be able to see you coming, and you could end... Read more
The Ultimate Guide to Lowering Your Car Window Replacement Costs
Have a chipped windshield or a passenger window that’s making a scary noise when you try to roll down your window? Need to get some estimates but worried about paying for a new window–not to mention a new window installation? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got myriad... Read more

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