Costco Tire Center, Cost, and Savings For Members!
Costco Tire Center has now become well known for its amazing deals on clothes, electronics, shoes, and food. Their operating philosophy is just so flexible for their members.   Their motto is to keep the costs down and pass the savings on to their members. It’s not only just... Read more
Walmart Car Service Prices
Walmart car service is a part of Walmart stores and is available in most stores.  Although the company is known primarily for its supercenters, it’s auto center is a full-service center that offers a complete list of products and services at affordable rates.  The services provided are available in... Read more
How Much Does It Cost To Fix Ac In Car
Americans love their cars. We drive a brand new car off the lot and can't wait to add something to it: a vanity plate, bumper sticker or maybe a pair of fuzzy dice dangling from the rearview mirror. The cars we drive are often an expression of our personalities.... Read more
Timing Chain and Belt Care: How to Install it?
After a long day at work, you finally get home, pull into your parking spot, park the car, and turn off the engine. Then you hear a loud clattering noise you have never heard before. Terrified of what disaster has now befallen both you and your vehicle, you get... Read more
Knock Sensor – How to Tell Yours has Gone Bad?
Your car has a ton of moving parts and sensors for those parts that all work together to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. These sensors regulate things like emissions, ignition timing, transmission shifting, fuel management, and other important functions of the engine. One sensor that has a... Read more
Idle Air Control Valve: 3 Signs You Need to Change It
Unless you are a gear head, one of the most mysterious parts of a car is the check engine light.  It feels impossible to figure out what exactly this illuminated message on your dashboard means. You check the car manual and make endless google searches just to discover the... Read more
Don’t Get Ripped Off! How to Distinguish an Honest Auto Mechanic from the Crooks
It Will Save You Money, and it Could Save Your Life! Image: PexelsYour car is going to break down. That's just a fact of life. Not only is it going to break down; you can put money on the fact that it's going to break down at the worst possible time.Breakdowns are... Read more
How to Do a Front End Alignment on Your Car
Does your car need a front end alignment? If you just diagnosed your car’s problem on Google, you’re probably ready to drive that wonky wheeled fuel-guzzler off to the nearest mechanic now, right after you watch another hilarious cat video. Quick Navigation Why Does Front End Alignment Matter?Your Car... Read more
CV Joint: A guide on How To Properly Replace It At Your Home
The constant-velocity joint (CV joint) allows the drive shaft to work at variable angles as it is transmitting power, all while maintaining a constant rotational speed. Quick Navigation 3 Signs that You Need to Replace a CV JointThere is a Popping Noise when You Turn the WheelClunking Sounds During... Read more
The 3 Best Power Steering Pump Brands for When Your Car Needs a Change
Have you noticed that your car isn’t responding to your steering wheel like it should be? Quick Navigation Why Do I Need a Power Steering Pump?What Are Some Types of Power Steering Pumps?Roller PumpsSlipper PumpsVane PumpsWhen Should I Replace the Power Steering Pump?Replacement Steps for Replacing the PumpReasons to... Read more

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