Mitsubishi Oil Change Prices Have Gone Up!  Why?
This article will inform you of Mitsubishi oil change prices which have occurred recently.  It will also provide general service information for keeping your favorite mitsubishi on the road.   It is important to keep your car serviced.   Which means you must maintain the health of your vehicle... Read more
Tire Rotation Walmart Has What You Are Looking For!
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Audi R8 Is The Most Popular Model, Find Out Why!
Audi is a reputable German automobile company with a long history.  These cars have been on the market for about a century.   The cars are well known for the high quality and performance. The company has issued about millions of cars during this period and will continue to please... Read more
Nissan Altima Coupe Why Do Millions Choose It?
Nissan Altima Coupe is just one model available.  But when it comes to a wide array of makes and models to choose from… Nissan has it all. Nissan Models Available Nissan offers something for everyone. Just in the car line, there’s the Maxima, the Versa Hatchback and Sedan, the... Read more
Toyota Celica, Why It Is One Of The Best Sellers
The Toyota Celica is one of the best sellers in foreign car sales.  The Celica was produced in 70’s as a two-door hardtop coupe that emphasized styling and driving enjoyment.  Over the years the Toyota Celica evolved into a sports car.   1973 Toyota Celica The liftback was introduced... Read more
The smash movie “The Fast and Furious” hit the big screen around the world with a serious bang. It was the head-turning combination of action-packed drifting, attractive girls and the hot collection of  Fast and Furious cars that made it an instant hit. Let’s Take a Closer Look at... Read more
Porsche Boxster Proven To Be A Popular Choice
If you’ve always dreamed of owning a late model Porsche, but can’t afford the hefty price tag of a 911, then the Porsche Boxster may just be the right option for you.  The Porsche Boxster has been available in Australia since 1997.  In early 2005, a new model was... Read more
Vanity Plates Are Popular, Find Out Why!
 Vanity plates have been around for years and many people make this option available as part of their car registration program. It’s always been fun when seeing some of these going down the road to try to decipher the meaning of the more obscure ones. Sometimes translation seems impossible,... Read more
Learn What The Porsche 944 Is About
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AAA Car Rental Services Are Available!
AAA is an acronym for American Auto Association, if not for any other thing, the name should ring a bell in your ear. AAA car rental is available for members at a discounted rate.   Our jobs and other important engagement mean we may consistently be in need of... Read more