Are Used Car Parts Worth The Hassle? Are Used Car Parts Worth The Hassle?

Cars are costly but do you know used car parts can save you money?   On an average, over the period, a customer spends on the parts for their cars more than the initial value of the car.  For Example, a simple scratch on your new car and you have to replace the whole assembly to make it look brand new.   If tires look a little worn out, you replace them immediately for safety reasons.

Car Parts are Big Bank For Auto Parts Stores

Meaning that car parts are a huge money market for car companies.   If your car develops some defect or breaks down and your garage might suggest you to replace a part.  You start contemplating the big impending bill for the repair, because as we all know the parts are expensive.   Now you need to shell out a lot of money for it urgently and unplanned.   Garages often mark up parts by 300%.  Now you can see why auto parts stores make big money.

Buying Used Car Parts

You can also look to buy a used part for your car as you might get it for 40% lesser cost than the showroom price and if the condition of the part is good then it may well be as good as the new spare part. So, as you now aware of the fact that you can buy used car parts for your car online also and for the used car parts you need to pay almost 30-40% less than the actual market price of the part. There are a lot of online marketing, buying and selling websites which offer such used spare part products with complete information and customer support system. Like eBay, quicker and “used car part” and many others.

Car parts, ranging from electronic power steering, e p s, steering pump, diesel pump, oil pump, radiator, condenser, block assembly, head cam complete , gear box, brake booster, ABS, intercooler, oil cooler, air conditioner compressor, fan assembly, self, manifold, nozzle , injector , power windows , head light , tail light , side view mirror , monograms , dashboard , bumper , grill, all engine parts, everything you can find on these online web-stores.

Apart from this you can buy all kinds of body parts, doors, bonnet, fender, bumper, interior plastic parts, dashboard, airbag-balloon, alloy wheels, mesh wheels, used tyre all are available online at a very reasonable rate which is much lesser than the actual market cost.

Can You Buy Online?

For buying these car parts online, you can type in Google search “used car parts” and you will get a list of online stores which offer these products. Then after choosing the website, you can search for the spare part name or can fill in your car model number and make, to have filtered products available on their website compatible to your vehicle details. Like, you can buy it from any online e-commerce website.

For example eBay is a well-known and trusted e-commerce website. There, all details of the products are mentioned. It is also mentioned that the product is a used product, to keep transparency and help you to make an informed decision. The photographs from various angles are put up in the product viewing window. In the photographs, all sides are highlighted with their actual condition at the time purchase as it’s a used product.

The defects in the spare parts are specifically mentioned and highlighted so that you can estimate the price and not have any such complaints when the product is delivered to you. eBay offers you a complete list of compatible vehicles with their model numbers. Only after confirming your brand and model number for the vehicle, you should go on to purchase the spare parts that you need for your automobile.

In the product description, they also mention the actual condition and years of usage along with other details. They have certain products which they certify by carrying out full performance tests on them. And on such certified products, they offer some warranty also but you may need to pay a little extra for getting those certified products for your car. These websites also mention the location of the item and the seller information for you to contact.

The delivery is arranged either by the seller or by the e-commerce company and there are minimum number of days exchange or return policy, featured by eBay money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the product which you have received, as many times the customer complaints of poor photo quality or unclear product condition as the reason for confirming a return. So you need to check that carefully while buying used car spare parts online.

Some other good websites for buying such products are Quicker or Used Car Parts. They have a variety of used car spare parts for almost all brands. You can check the compatibility for your model and specifications. Go ahead with the purchase. They offer delivery in almost all the cities and if not, you can talk to the customer support centre and have it arranged for you.

For making payment e-commerce websites give you a variety of payment options like all credit cards, debit cards, Mastercard, PayPal and many others. Using these payment methods is safe as they have a good safety feature to safeguard against all spam and fishing attempts, used to retrieve your payment details. They also have seller ratings featured on their website for trust issues. If the seller is having a higher star rating and a good number of satisfied customers, you can trust him with the details of the product and timely delivery. 

In Conclusion

Now, once you have received the used spare part, you can take your car to the garage and give the spare part to the shop floor mechanic to replace it with the damaged part or worn out assembly.

Hence buying spare parts online gives you a smart solution to all your worries of heavy expenditures in case of a damaged part in your car. So with this quick and economical service available at your doorstep now you need not worry about your car expenses as it’s affordable if you make a smart move of using used spare parts.

Feature image via Western Auto Wrecking

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