Ziebart Window Tint Review and Prices – What you should know! Ziebart Window Tint Review and Prices – What you should know!

Many people have often decided to invest in tinting their car windows, and why wouldn’t they? Tinting your windows can reduce heat inside the car, reduce glare, and provide privacy while driving and while you’re away from your car.   It will save you a lot of time and money in the end if you get it done right the first time. Ziebart Window Tint company offers professional grade window tinting services, and they have multiple options to choose from that fits their customer’s personal needs.

While sometimes the quality of the job can vary depending on the Ziebart location you choose, overall the company has very good reviews, high-quality products, and satisfied customers. Ziebart has been around since 1959, and over the past couple of years has put a lot of effort into researching and developing their window film and tinting techniques.

Ziebart Window Tint Varieties

Premium Dyed Series

This option is a premium dyed film that is non-reflective and comes in six shades. This tint is scratch resistant and will decrease the UV rays in your car, which in turn reduces fading of the interior. This series provides a classic look at a great price!

High-Performance Metalized Series

The High-Performance Metalized Series “combines style with high performance”. This film blocks up to 95% of light transmission, and blocks 99% of UV rays; this is made possible by a layered film which is reflective in appearance. Not to mention, the film is scratch resistant and comes in seven different shades.

Nano Ceramic Performance Series

This film combines some of the newest technology in window tinting to provide 58% heat rejection, 90% glare reduction, and 99% UV ray protection. Available in eight shades to match your factory tint.   This film is signal enabling, so it easily allows signals from electronic devices to pass through. If you’re looking for a top-notch tinting option that won’t change the appearance of your car, this could be the option for you!

Ziebart Window Tinting Prices

You may be thinking, “What are my other options besides Ziebart Window Tint?”   There are definitely other choices out there, and many of them are local or small businesses.  However, these options can sometimes be of lesser quality and come at a higher price. All of Zijebart’s window tint installers are certified.  The company guarantees that the tint won’t bubble, crack, or peel, and the color won’t change! Ziebart window tinting prices are different depending on what you want, but most jobs range from $200-$400. Some other businesses can charge up to $600, and don’t come with a warranty or guarantee behind them. There are many different businesses depending on the area that you live in.  Other options include 3M Window Film and Llumar Window Film.

Why it’s important to purchase a quality window tint.

Window tint is a very smart investment, but making sure you get it done right is important. If the tinting is not done correctly, it might end up costing you more money than you wanted to spend in the first place. The tint could possibly peel off, which could result in having to get the job redone. If your windows are too dark, you could also end up with a ticket. Tinting that reduces light to less than 32%, or increases reflection to more than 20% is illegal; cops won’t hesitate to pull you over if they suspect that the tint isn’t up to the laws standards.   This is why choosing the right company to tint your car windows is so important!

REMOVAL:  If you are looking for a way to remove tint from your windows?  This process can be time-consuming and tedious.  The only way to remove peeling, cracking, discolored or flaking window tint is to peel it off, slowly!  There will be a film left behind on the window that you will need to scrape off with a SHARP razor.  Products are also sold that help dissolve the glue which may be helpful as well.

tint-removal - Ziebart Window Tint
GILA FR200 Window Film Removal Tool Kit- 8 fl. oz.

  • Tested by window film installation professionals
  • Ready to use
  • Use to remove window film
  • 8 fluid ounces spray bottle
  • Mini scraper included

Every car owner has different priorities and criteria when it comes to personalizing their vehicle, so it’s important that you choose the right option for you and your family.   Ziebart does a very good job when it comes to working with people and meeting their specific needs. Whether you want a different look, or maybe just different protective qualities, they most likely have an option for you!   With multiple window tinting options out there,  Ziebart window tint is definitely one that people have come to know and trust.

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