Will Using Cheap Gas Hurt Your Car? Will Using Cheap Gas Hurt Your Car?

Will Using Cheap Gas Hurt Your Car?

Car Tips June 3, 2015 Editorial Staff 0

You have invested a lot in your car therefore it will not do your car any good if you use cheap gas to run it – that is – if cheap gas really hurts car the way most car drivers assume.

What is the Truth?

If you just go by the word “cheap gas”, it will really give you worries about its safety. Cheap means low class and in terms of fuel, many assume that it is not well refined as premium gas and other high octane fuels. But is this concept really true? Will you be visiting Express or Firestone more often for car repairs if you use cheap gas?

Let’s Take if From the Oil Experts

Surprisingly, oil experts have a different opinion about what is so called ‘cheap gas.’ Most of these experts agree that ‘cheap gas’ is not likely to hurt your car. Admittedly, more additives in more expensive fuels provide more engine protection, but not to the point that they are considerably better to more affordable fuel types.

Gasoline increases its cost as various processes are added to its production. It is understandable for you to choose fuel that has a cheaper price in order to save money every time you go to the gasoline station for re-fuelling.

But oftentimes you are hesitant because of the nagging fear that this kind of cheap fuel is not good for your car’s engine. Now you know that most oil experts say that this is a misconception. But still, you want to be sure, because the fear of cheap gas is already deeply rooted in your brain.

What the Oil Experts Say

An automotive engineer connected with a well-known car manufacturer, two engineers associated with the American Automobile Association, and several gasoline manufacturers have volunteered their ideas about this subject.

Their shared opinion about cheap gas is that it is not likely to cause your car any harm. Therefore, you can stop worrying about its perceived dangers and use it if you want to save money on the pump station.

Primary Reason Why You Don’t Need to Worry

Engine technology has gone a long way since the start of the automobile invention. Now, there are many computer system integrated in an automobile structure and operating system.

Modern cars are now very flexible that they can easily adjust to any kind of variations in fuel that drivers will not notice any significant difference in their car’s engine performance.

Therefore, even if you often use fuel that has the most additives, your car will be able to adjust easily, if you are suddenly forced to buy cheap gas at the station. The computer system of your car engine will kick in to make the engine perform at the same level, incurring no engine damage at all.

But, if you really want peace of mind, you can spend a few more dollars for that more expensive fuel just right for your new car. Those who have older cars are not usually so picky about these things since they already knew that their cars will still operate nicely even with cheaper gasoline.

However, an automotive engineer who has studied this controversial subject says that: for your peace of mind, as well as for the sake of your pocket, buy the less expensive gasoline that is nearest your heart.

Here is the Caveat

Yes, cheap gas won’t really hurt your car. But remember: fuels for cars are not all the same. There is a common source for the gasoline that you buy from pumping stations which is the base gas from the oil refinery.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, requires all refineries to add chemical elements called additives to the base gas to make them compliant to the emission regulations of the government.

These elements are designed to clean your car’s engine, thus reducing its emissions. After the addition of these required chemical substances, different gasoline brands then put their own additives in the gas to enhance its cleaning capabilities and performance.

Thus, the more additives these oil producers put into their brands of gasoline, the more expensive the fuel becomes. But is this really necessary? If you use these types of gasoline, will they make your car engine last longer?

The Final Verdict

The words of John Nielsen, AAA director of Engineering and Repair has this to say: “It’s not like any of the fuels are totally junk. If you buy gas from Bob’s Bargain Basement gas station because that’s all that’s available, it won’t hurt your car.”

Based on the pronouncements of Nielsen, the only thing that you will get from a highly processed gasoline brands is the additional price. Yes, these more expensive fuels will extend the life of your engine, but so are those you can buy at cheaper prices.

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