Wax on Wax OFF!!! Why is it Important to Wax Your Car? Wax on Wax OFF!!! Why is it Important to Wax Your Car?

Vehicle ownership for the average person is about more than having casual transportation or a status symbol. Purchasing an operating vehicle is a major milestone in the lives of most adults and after spending hard earned money on a vehicle owners want to keep the car in excellent condition. While most people are familiar with the importance of oil changes and replacing fluids, many forget about waxing their vehicle. Waxing a vehicle is a way to protect it, retain resale value, and ensure that you have a vehicle that you are proud to drive.

Better Appearance

There is nothing nicer than seeing a clean, shiny, car driving down the road on a sunny day. Unfortunately, many vehicles are often dull, covered in pollen, and in need of a good wash because they are not cared for properly. Spending a little time waxing your car will prevent it from taking on the less than lovely appearance of the average uncared for car. A good wax will make your cars paint gleam and make any scratches on your vehicle less noticeable.

UV Protection

Overtime constant exposure to the sun will damage the paint on your vehicle. Proper waxing is one way to extend the life of your car’s paint job while keeping your vehicle looking nice. Regular waxing will reduce the chipping and cracking of your cars paint ultimately helping you save money that would be spent covering up flaws in the paint.

Keep Resell Value

No matter how much you love your car or how well you maintain it eventually you will need to get a new vehicle. When the time comes you will more than likely need to sell your current vehicle or trade it in. Waxing your car improves the exterior appearance of the vehicle increasing its resell value without forcing you to spend time or money repainting your car in an effort to get the maximum resell value.

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