Walmart Automotive Services Walmart Automotive Services

Many people like to get everything done in one place, and one of the most well known businesses for that is Walmart. While everyone knows that most of the time Walmart offers a grocery and clothing section in their stores, not all of their customers are aware of the fact that many of their stores have auto service centers. These auto service centers are places for their consumers to purchase different parts and oils for at home jobs, but they also offer services for your vehicle that are done by professionals. Walmart automotive services department is a great option for all of your vehicles needs.

Purchases for at Home Jobs

If you’d rather do the work yourself, Walmart offers a section that sells the parts and oils you need. Batteries are also available for customers to purchase. If you need help, employees are there to answer questions or help you do the research on your car. Having the right parts are very important. Customers get what they need, and have a good experience while getting it.

Walmart Automotive Services

Walmart offers services for almost every part of your vehicle. Their trained experts can install and rotate tires, replace lug nuts, and reset tire pressure monitoring sensors. All of these services are also under $25. They can also install your battery for free if the battery is purchased at Walmart. If it was purchased at a different location, they can install it for $10. Another battery service they offer is a battery corrosion treatment for $3.50 per battery. Walmart’s auto service center’s also offer oil changes. These oil changes range from $19.88 to $49.88, and some options include extra services for free. Walmart’s service centers also offer additional services, all for $50 or under. These services include fuel system service, fuel system service with standard oil change, fuel system service with High Mileage oil change, wiper blade installation, engine air filter installation, cabin air filter installation, headlight restoration, miniature bulb installation, and chassis lubrication.


While most Walmart’s are 24 hour stores, their service centers have specific hours. Available times depend on the location, but most are open from 7am-7pm. However, if you need to have work done on your vehicle outside of these times, some of the locations offer 24 hour service. This is just another bonus that Walmart offers to make the process as easy as possible for their customers.

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