Walmart Tire Patch Available Choices For You! Walmart Tire Patch Available Choices For You!

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, or you need professional help when it comes to cars, Walmart is a great place for any service you need. Their Auto Care Centers offer different options for different needs; specifically when it comes to tire patch.

Professional Options

When it comes to tire patches, there is not a specific tire patch job that Walmart does. However, it is included in their flat tire repair service. This service is for tubeless tires and will cost about $10 per tire. These repairs will also be up to Rubber Manufacturers Association’s (RMA’s) guidelines to ensure the job is well done. So if you’re nervous about repairing your own tires, this could be a very helpful option for you.

Tire Patch At Home Repair

If you’d rather repair tires yourself, Walmart sells multiple tire repair kits. If you need to repair different types of tires, they have options for you as well. They sell repair kits for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and many others as well; most of these kits are under $10. Depending on how long term the repair needs to be, they have more advanced kits or simple tire patches. The advanced kits are normally more expensive and include more parts, while some kits only include what you need to patch a tire. Whatever your tire patch or repair needs are, there are options for you in one of Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.


Hours vary depending on the location, but most of Walmart’s Auto Care Centers are open from 7am-7pm. Some of the Care Centers are open 24 hours along with their supercenters for the customer’s convenience. However, this only applies to patch the tires professionally. If you would like to purchase an at-home repair kit, you can do this any time Walmart is open. These kits will be in their automotive department.

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