Walmart Car Battery Facts to Consider Walmart Car Battery Facts to Consider

Walmart Car Battery Facts to Consider

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It is a true concept to understand that a vehicle motor is the heart of any automobile we see around.   From an engineering point of view, the battery serves as the soul of your car since it causes an ignition that provides a driving force for starting your auto car.  Walmart car battery facts are available below.

Walmart Car Battery

It will be of great loss to buy a car battery and within a few months or years down the line, the services are no longer satisfactory. Buying a new battery or replacement of battery for your car has never been easy as some may think. But this is not something that should bother you anymore. Perhaps you may be asking yourself where to buy a car battery or who sells the best car batteries.

Walmart Car Battery-Online Purchase

Walmart car battery has online services you can access and purchase your car battery. They are the best and well-established vendors to meet your car need. We are trustworthy and we only sell the best car batteries to meet our high standards over the years of experience.

Purchasing a Walmart car battery online offers you with a wide selection to choose one which suits your demand at an affordable price. Additionally, you can buy your battery at any time be it night or day. Alternatively, you can decide to buy it from Walmart car battery services. Think about your car battery or installation, think of Walmart car battery.

While looking for a car battery, you need to have the following important information:

· Size and voltage of the battery

· Climatic conditions

· Age category

· Model of the battery

· Your driving style


If you discover that your car battery performance is declining, it is a better idea to opt for purchasing a new one and getting it installed. Let’s look at how to set up a new car battery.

The first step is removing the neutral terminal cable (black lead) and live terminal cable (red lead) on the old battery. Loosen the clumping nuts on the side of the connectors by use of an adjustable wrench and lift them away from the battery and place somewhere you can be able to see them. Undo the clamping of red terminal nut and pull off the positive terminal cable from the car battery. Ensure to place them in a safe place.

The second step involves cleaning of the terminal cables by use of steel wool from an accumulation of dirt, grease, and oil and allows for effective contact with the new battery upon installation.

Carefully lift up your old battery without leaning on your car. Afterward, lift your new battery and put it inside the battery compartment. Connect red cable on the live terminal head and tighten the bolt using your adjustable wrench. Ensure that the cable is tightly fixed. Do the same on the black cable replacement on your new battery. Apply grease on the terminals to ensure that the point of connection stays clean. If you are unable to do it yourself, Walmart car battery experienced mechanics will offer assistance to you. With the accomplishment of the above steps, your car is ready to start.


The scenarios of completely dead battery are common to car owners. Your car may stop suddenly when driving and on an attempt to start it again, it produces strange noise and totally fails to start.

Needless to ask, how can you be able to tell that your car battery is in good or poor condition? Below are signs that show your car battery is dying and a checkup is a necessity.

· Bulb light starting to dim

Your vehicle’s battery provided an electrical system and ignition system thus making it possible for electrical parts to work including bulb lighting. Dimming of lights indicates your car battery is not well charged or it is dying. If headlights of your vehicle start to din when starting it, know that your battery needs to be checked.

· Your car is taking too long to start

The sign of a dying battery is that your car takes a long time to start up. The electrical energy of a battery is responsible for spark creation that causes ignition which starts the car. When a car has been left for a long time without being used, this happens due to possible battery drainage. A good working battery provides a smooth ignition but a poor battery does not have enough energy to start your car. It’s of no guess that your car battery needs a checkup.

· Your vehicle fails to start at all

When your car battery is dying, the ignition system becomes compromised. If your car does not start, possible causes are that either the terminals are loose or broken, or your battery is completely drained. It is, therefore, to take your car to a mechanic to get fixed.


Seasonal changes are so much unpredictable to tell. However, they are very crucial when it comes to your car battery.

Some weather and climatic conditions are very natural and thus working as a major reason why your car battery may fail to start. Weather conditions have an enormous impact on the life span of your car battery. During the winter period, car battery faces a significant series of faults in their performance. This results to further damages on an auto battery especially on cold weather. Below are illustrations on how has an effect on your car battery;

During such seasons, your car battery requires alternators. Therefore it is important to make sure that your car battery is fully charged all the time. Different types of car accessories are used during winter in order to experience a comfortable drive. Heaters may be used inside to keep us warm and also use of defrosters for a windshield to increase visibility when driving. At this point, your car battery is prone to damage and reduction of its life.

During the winter season, people make less use of their cars and the car battery is not given the necessary attention for maintenance needed for the battery to warm up. Your car battery is therefore not able to store charge and the life of the battery becomes greatly affected.


To prevent battery malfunction during winter is very essential for the survival of your car battery. Common issues that result in damages are as a result of power drainage. Keeping your battery warm is a necessity not to shun from.

Keep your car in a garage when it will not be used for quite a period of time. A garage will provide appropriate shelter for your car.

Use a limited number of accessories in order to prevent damages on your car battery that results from loose terminals and corrosion.

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