Vanity Plates Are Popular, Find Out Why! Vanity Plates Are Popular, Find Out Why!

 Vanity plates have been around for years and many people make this option available as part of their car registration program. It’s always been fun when seeing some of these going down the road to try to decipher the meaning of the more obscure ones. Sometimes translation seems impossible, but the letters and numbers must mean something, at least to the person who drives the car.

Where To Get Vanity Plates

There has been a phenomenal growth in private number plates in the last years. They have become very popular as an accompaniment to our cherished cars. They have become a big business for governments and a useful method of raising extra cash.  A vanity number plate is no longer something that only the rich and famous own but now an item that the man on the street can obtain at surprisingly low prices.

Private Plates or Vanity Plates

Private plates or vanity plates, depending on your point of view are a small added cost when you’re buying your new car or treating a loved one to an unexpected present. Many use private number plates partly to show off and partly to tell people about themselves. Additionally, they are also a channel for sending messages to the rest of the world.

It may also be worth spending some time reading the relevant law and driving regulations regarding number plates. At various times the police have crackdowns on plates that don’t confirm to the regulations.

When you’re looking for your new private plate start at the DVLA if you’re in the UK and the DMV in the states.Despite being a good source of the legal requirements, they will also be able to see if your preference is available or already owned. They will also give you an idea of which words or expressions are not allowed.

You need to have a clear idea of what you want your plate to convey to the world. Is it your name or the make of car? Perhaps it’s business or hobby. It may be a bit more obscure than that and be a favorite meal or color, your place of birth or just a general message to the world. Your choices are not small.

Jot down your ideas, and start has a play with them. Try and shorten them and maybe add some text speak such as GR8 for great. Maybe use acronyms that mean something only to you. You’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll have letting your creative juices flow.

Finally, try a reputable private number plate dealer who will not only have a wide range of plates immediately available they will also be able to source your particular desired private plate.

Why Get A Vanity Plate?

Add a touch of individuality Vanity plates and vanity plate frames are one way for automobile enthusiasts to add a touch of individuality to their ride. In areas where authorities only mandate a rear plate, vehicle owners can use custom license plates on the front end of the car to distinguish themselves or to announce their affiliation with some cause or sports team. Other drivers use the rear window area as a display case of sorts, and line up one or more prints in a row. This is a particularly wise option for those drivers who live in areas that mandate both front and rear identification. In either case, personalized frames are the practical way to decorate those items that are required to be on the car by law.

Act As An Accessory

While vanity plates add an exciting visual cue to any truck or car, they are a much more versatile accessory. For instance, these customized accessories make for a stylish addition to any teenager’s room. One can integrate them into the motif on the walls, or use them to adorn the entrance to the room.   Another idea is to purchase one for each of a favored sports team, and place them on stands.

Celebration of All The Places You Have Been

Vanity plates are so popular that collecting them has given rise to a niche community of enthusiasts. Much like other hobbyists who collect spoons and postcards, these collectors try to get a new plate each time they go somewhere new.   They will target an item that reflects the place of purchase in some way. Due to the sheer size and emptiness of most garage walls, they make a solid choice for mounting this collection. Over time, the wall display becomes a celebration of all the places one has been.

Celebrate Different Occasions

Vanity plates also present an opportunity to celebrate different occasions, and as an item to be used for fundraising. They provide a more endearing and lasting effect.  

Use On Company Vehicles

Another reason for buying a number plate is for businesses to use on company vehicles. It can be a cheap, fun and cost effective way to make your brand stronger.  With plates becoming increasingly popular as the must-have car accessories the demand for them is always increasing.    The best plates to invest in are dateless plates with 4 or fewer digits, popular names and words.  By obtaining one of these you are might be able to make a tidy profit in the future.Due to the numerous symbolic marketing messages, brands and logos constantly competing with each other for our memory.  

For whatever reason be sure to carefully take your time.  This will  ensure that you not only get personalized plates , but you get exactly what you want.

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