Vanishing Deductible, The Pros and Cons! Vanishing Deductible, The Pros and Cons!

Vanishing Deductible, The Pros and Cons!

Car Insurance October 13, 2016 Editorial Staff 0

Do You Want Lower Your Deductible

Vanishing Deductible Might Be The Way To Go!


Vanishing deductible is an optional feature you can add to your policy to save on your auto insurance deductible if you get into an accident.   Get $50-$100 off your deductible for every year of accident free driving.

Insurance companies offer discounts that reward safe drivers, who remain accident free year after year. This feature is offered by many companies but go by various names: The Hartford’s is called “disappearing deductible,” while Nationwide has the “vanishing deductible”  they both offer very similar benefits.

So if you have a great driving record (Claim Free) year after year you are rewarded.  That reward is a decrease in your out of pocket at the time of an accident.


The most obvious disadvantage is that it costs more. However, from a safe driver’s point of view here is another down side.

A safe driver with “zero accidents” has earned a $0 deductible.  This driver is involved in an accident that is no fault of his.  Due to the way that insurance works this driver calls his insurance company.  The accident is put through as Comprehensive (due to the fact that the other driver is uninsured).  This safe driver now loses his $0 deductible and has to start over.


Now,  that is  an extreme example but one that should be taken into consideration when comparing the cost paid for the feature.  But, should you add this feature to your teenager’s policy?  Probably not!


Over all adding the feature is an advantage!   If you believe yourself to be safe then a vanishing deductible is definately the way to go.



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