Types of Auto Glass Repair Shops to Use and to Avoid Types of Auto Glass Repair Shops to Use and to Avoid

It is understandable if you are leery in using a backyard auto glass repair shop. Glass is a very delicate thing and if you are not careful in choosing the repair shop that will fix your windshield or your side glass windows, your car will be unsafe to drive.

Here are some tips on what to look for and what to avoid when searching for a car glass repair shop.

What to Look For

1. Good track record

You should consider a company that has an established track record in repairing windshields, side glass windows, side mirrors, and any car parts that has a glass component. One car repair maintenance service that comes to mind is Pep Boys Services.

If the service company is established more than 5 years, and its business outlook and appearance is still vigorous, you have an assurance that it provides repair services that are satisfactory to their customers.

2. High quality tools and equipment

Look at the type, quality and quantity of tools and equipment that the service company is using. If the car repair shop is equipped with modern tools and they all seem to be well-maintained, that is an indication that the service they will provide you will be top-of-the-line.

It should also have enough tools and equipment. This aspect is important because it can mean a fast service turn-around, or repair services that are not completed on time.

3. Professional repair crew

It wouldn’t make any difference if a car repair shop has all the modern and advanced technological gadgets, if its repair crew is not able to maximize their use.

Therefore, you should look for a professionally trained crew that can wield their tools in the most efficient way. In this way, their repair works will be completed faster, and done in the right way. An example of a well-trained crew is that of the crew members of Walmart Car Services.

4. Great customer service

Oftentimes, you cannot avoid things going wrong in a car glass repair job. If this happens, a great customer service will mitigate the resultant stress. Therefore, search for a repair shop that offers high quality customer service.

You can sense if a shop has their customers’ concern in their hearts by the way they treat your inquiries. If they welcome all your questions and you don’t feel any sign of annoyance in their responses, that is an indication that their service is centered on your interests, not theirs.

5. Fair service charges

You cannot buy quality things at cheap prices. This is all true when it comes to car repair services. If you are using a professionally trained crew, you must be willing to pay a fair price for their service.

The definitive term is: fair price. If the shop charges you more than they should, then that is not fair. Therefore, you must compare prices before you commit yourself to any shop, for it will help you determine the going price of the kind of glass repair your car requires.

What to Avoid

1. Service charges that are too low

Be wary if a car repair shop quotes you repair service charges that are way below the average prices on the market. That could mean a lot of things. One: it may be that not many customers are using its services, thereby forcing them to cut their prices just to attract any customer that comes along.

Two: why are they low on customer numbers? Perhaps their repair services and customer relations are not that good. Check the next one on your list.

2. Setting time less than one hour

If a car glass repair shops boasts that the setting time of their adhesive is less than one hour – forget about them and check the next repair shop on your list.

It is more than likely that this repair shop is using poor adhesives or they don’t really know the properties of the materials they are using. If they don’t really know how long it will take to repair your car, it is an indication that they are not a reliable repair shop.

3. Repair shop with a cell phone number as its only means of contact

If you can only contact this repair shop through a cell phone number, this could mean that it is only a fly-by-night operation. It is better to choose a repair shop with a physical address, and not just a cellphone number.

In fact, it is wiser to visit the shop and look at its premises, its tools and equipment and its business license before committing your car for glass repairs.

4. Repair shops that offer free services

You should always remember that there is nothing free in this world. There may be some hidden cost with the free car glass repair services that the repair shop is offering.

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