Toyota Celica, Why It Is One Of The Best Sellers Toyota Celica, Why It Is One Of The Best Sellers

The Toyota Celica is one of the best sellers in foreign car sales.  The Celica was produced in 70’s as a two-door hardtop coupe that emphasized styling and driving enjoyment.  Over the years the Toyota Celica evolved into a sports car.


toyota celica

1970 Toyota Celica Hardtop Coupe

1973 Toyota Celica

toyota celica

Toyota Celica Liftback

The liftback was introduced on the 1973 Celicas.   The 1973 Toyota Celica was often referred to as the “Japanese Mustang” because of it’s styling including the vertical bar tail lights.

1987 Toyota Celica

toyota celica

In 1987 Toyota began to export the Celica GT-Four revised as a All-Trac Turbo in America. The All-Trac became available in the 1988 US model year; the All-Trac systems was also offered with the Corolla, Camry, Previa but without the turbo for the limited time. The North American version was rated 190 BHP, Toyota chose to keep the suspension the same and not modify it. The ST165 chassis front suspension for an AWD GT-Four kept MacPherson struts with the anti-swaybar also strut tower brace; the rear employed struts with trailing link also twin lateral link per side + an anti-swaybar.


2005 Toyota Celica

The Celica ceased to be exported in 2005.   The last Celica rolled off production line in 2006, after 36 years of production.

The Toyota Celica is again still available in the following models: ST, GT, also GT-S as either coupe, liftback models. The GT model was offered as the soft-top convertible; the ST also GT were given a SOHC 8 valve 2.0 liter 97 HP engine.   They faster quickly changed to the new DOHC engine rated at 116 for 1987 model year which was shared with a Camry. The GT-S came with a 135 HP engine which is a version of an DOHC 2.0 liter featuring T-VIS. The GT-Four is known to North America as an All-Trac Turbo was released for the 1988 models year.

Toyota Celica With All Hot New Sizzling Looks

When the new Toyota Celica was about to be launched, there were rumors around here and there that it would be coming as a hatchback having a sloped roof-line tailgate.  The seating capacity would remain four passengers.   According to Toyota, they wanted to put some fun into the driving pleasure, so they thought of giving the Celica rear wheel drive.

All the enhancements made to the exterior have made it a real head-turner. As it’s a sports coupe, it comes in two-door body shape so that the rear occupants will be suffering from the limited head room and leg room especially on long tiring journeys. .

Toyota Celica Features

A six-speed manual gearbox for Toyota Celica shall be fitted as standard, whereas an optional six-speed automatic gearbox will also be available soon. Total weight of the vehicle is estimated to be 2,425 pounds, and it definitely will help in keeping the consumption as low as possible. All the latest features and gadgets make this vehicle a worth dying for yet it is so affordable. It will produce the torque of 170-175 lb-ft. Interior is very elegant, and every little detail has been paid full attention to. The use of leather upholstery on Recaro Seats gives the very exotic feel. It does have a superb audio system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB jack, CD changer, front air bags, curtain air bags, air conditioning and anti-lock braking system.

The steering wheel is wrapped with black leather that feels so right. It is positioned in very appropriate position as well as been calibrated so accurately that it makes driving through curbs so easy. The dashboard is very stylish, and the speedo-meter and dials are clearly visible. And when we talk about the exterior, the looks are so sizzling and hot. Head lamps are redesigned for optimal visibility, and the tail-lamps are also very stylish. Sleek body style and sloped roofline make it very aerodynamic.

The fierce competition in the segment of sporty vehicles is pretty tough when there are competitors like Mazda 3, Honda Civic and not to mention, the BMW Mini.   But one thing is certainly clear; this car is  a valuable addition to the sports line-up. If you are a gear head and like all the Fast and Furious Cars be sure to take a look at this!

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