Tire Rack,  Can You Really Buy Tires Online? Tire Rack,  Can You Really Buy Tires Online?

Tire rack began as a tiny company in India.   They advertised in Autoweek classified has proven to be an effective marketing strategy, and The Tire Rack has grown to advertise in many different magazines across the country.  The Tire Rack reputation for excellence continued to grow, and in 1996, they went Global with the introduction of their website. On this site, customers can research what performance products they need and which products are best for them.  The Tire Rack does not rely on test results done by other companies. They check tires themselves using real world methods to ensure that the results are accurate. It is a corporation that has built its reputation on quality and excellence and continued the tradition today.

If a customer has questions regarding a purchase, he or she can contact the client service department and feel confident that the answer they receive is from a knowledgeable representative.

Purchasing From Tire Rack

When you buy tires online, it is helpful if you have the tire size. However, if you do not, all you need is the year, make, and model of the car and the tire size will be found. You will also get good advice regarding the installation of purchased tires, wheels and other accessories. Whenever you need assistance just contact us, we will give to a list of recommended installers in your locality. Tires Rack offers the guarantee on the installation services provided by recommended installers.

Another advantage to purchasing tires online is that you will often receive online tire discounts when you use The Tire Rack website. This is an added incentive for customers to use the site and continue to return again and again.

Gift Certificates

Every family has a tinkerer in their family, someone who frequents the local auto parts store often. At The Tire Rack, gift certificates can be purchased to ensure that you give the perfect gift. They can be purchase as low as twenty-five dollar and as high as five thousand dollars.

Tire and wheel packages purchased from Tire Rack are more featured with a mounted and balanced wheel, instructions about the installation and hardware used, and all other details which help you to install the packages by the installer itself.  The Tire Rack is an excellent store to find all of your tire needs. However, it does not end there. They carry a full line of auto accessories from tire pressure gauges and car batteries to wheel covers and windshield wipers.

Why Tire Rack?

Most of the tire dealers and service centers prefer the online shop because they are conscious about quality at a low price.    If you need a particular type of tire, wheel, rims and other accessories you can choose from our online shop. You can have services from tire racks with a simple search.  Not only tire but also different types of wheel accessories and other services are available at the online discount tire sales centers of Tire Rack. The reliable online shop will never ask you to pay the huge amount for the services offered because most of them will take the accessories directly from the manufacturer. Still, there are different dependable ways of decreasing the amount quoted by online tire rack shops. Online discount sales and tire rack coupons are few steadfast ways in which a large number of people is approaching.

Anyone can buy tires, wheels, and other accessories from Tire Rack’s online discount tire sales centers at the lowest cost with a hand full of compliments.

Tire Rack Coupons

available can be used as a promotional tool and the best way for getting a discount. Using tire rack coupons are quite easy and trouble free.   Just enter the coupon number in the deal box during checkout. You can see a great price cut in the final bill. Tire Rack also offers free shipping within the country and lower cost to other regions around the world.

If you can subscribe newsletters and emails from Tire Rack, you can buy commodities when they announce discounts and special offers. Tire Rack coupons are not available for the customers all the time. It will also notify through email if you have a subscription or real contact with them.


After a purchase of tires, wheels and other accessories from Tire Rack we can give you support in installation. If you need any help while lighting feels free to contact us, we can offer you a list of guaranteed installers in your locality.

While you purchase the tire and wheel packages, we provide you the instructions about the installation and hardware use which will help you to install the packages by the installer itself.

Some consumers may find that buying tires and car accessories online is a bit strange.   While there are plenty of excellent tire stores most likely in your neighborhood, few, if any, will have the massive selection available at Tire Rack. Moreover, Tire Rack offers a ton of online tools to help you do research. Some of the things offered on the website include a tire buying guide, videos, test data, search tools and other convenient shopping aids.

Online Shopping

One tool you may find particularly useful is the search feature.   This feature allows you to look for tires based on vehicle, brand, and other characteristics. On the whole, the prices are competitive, and customer service is top notch.

Despite all the benefits of shopping online, some consumers may hesitate to buy tires online since they do not want to do the installation themselves. This should not be an issue if you use Tire Rack since they offer a “Recommended Installer” program. This program allows you to find local installers close to your zip code. Customers can even decide to have their tires sent directly to the driver. Once they get there, the customer then just needs to drive over to have the installation done.

But by far, the best reason to shop for tires online at a place like Tire Rack is so that you can take advantage of the special offers. There are usually quite a few ongoing specials and deals, which could include things like Tire Rack free shipping, discount coupons, rebates anywhere from $40 to $80, and other offers. Smart buyers can often end up saving quite a bit of money by only looking out for these specials.

Of course, there may still be times when you want to visit the neighborhood tire store. However, Tire Rack is so convenient, making the idea of buying tires on the Internet a serious alternative. Due to  the excellent selection, prices, features and customer service, Tire Rack is highly recommended.

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