Regardless of what make or model vehicle you own, it will need to have it’s oil changed regularly. Without oil changes every few months or 3,000 miles your vehicle will stop running properly. One cost-effective option for anyone who needs an oil change is Sears. In addition to being a well-known department store, Sears offers a variety of automotive repairs at over 700 auto centers throughout the United States.

Price List

If you wondered how much is a synthetic oil change at Sears you should know that the price list is affordable, and they offer three different tiers of oil changes that are perfect for any type of vehicle. We have created a detailed list of prices along with information about their different types of oil changes.

Below are the latest regular prices and Sears synthetic blend oil change prices:

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***Please check for online coupons for extra savings on Sears synthetic blend oil change!!! Prices can be reduced greatly by using online coupons*****

*****Oil change prices above include filling up to 5 quarts of oil. Your oil change price might be slightly higher if your vehicle requires more then 5 quarts of oil.

Sears Engine Oil Change Coupons | SAVE MONEY

Sears offers basic, medium, and premium oil changes that are designed to keep vehicles of all types or ages running smoothly. The Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil change is Sears most affordable oil change type that uses basic oil at affordable prices. The second tier, MaxLife Synthetic Blend Motor Oil, uses a medium brand of oil that helps prevent loss of oil. The premium tier oil change offered by Sears is the SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil change that uses the best oil possible to keep an engine running. The oil change also includes a check of fluids, tire inflation, and a check of the brakes and more. Sears engine oil change coupons can be used to receive discounts on every tier of oil change making keeping your vehicle maintained more affordable. Click HERE to find out more about coupons and prices.

Sears Synthetic Oil Change Price

If you check the Sears synthetic oil change price you will see that it is highly competitive. Other providers have similar prices, but the quality of Sears synthetic oil is very well known on the market.

Sears oil change Prices | How much is a synthetic oil change at sears

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