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Power Steering Flush

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power steering flush

When you drive your car, a liquid called power steering fluid runs through the hydraulic system to ameliorate driving. It’s pressured by a steering pump and valves. When the pump stops functioning, the pressure decreases, and the steering system loses power. That’s when you need to perform a power steering flush. Failing to do so will result in steering system wear, fluid contamination, and component degradation which will literately cost you. Here are the steps to follow in performing a power steering flush:

  1. Set Up the Car

Raise your car so that the front wheels are not touching the ground. Find the catch try under the steering system.

  1. Drain Power Steering System

Remove the low-pressure hose from the steering pump. Let the power steering system drain, and re-attach the hose.

  1. Move the Fluid Around

Turn on the engine, and turn the steering wheel. If you hear a buzzing noise coming from the wheel, that’s a sign of trapped air. Continue to run the engine for about 10-15 minutes while turning the wheel to remove the trapped air and circulate fluid. Then, turn the engine off, and let it rest for a few minutes.

  1. Flush the Power Steering System

Have your power steering flushing kit at your side as you remove the low-pressure hose and let the system drain itself. Re-attach the hose, and use the appropriate liquid from your kit into the reservoir.

  1. Bleed the Power Steering System

Turn the engine back on and turn the steering wheel to release air, then turn off the engine. Lower your car, and start the engine and turn the steering wheel again to make sure everything is working properly. Check for any leaks.

(Note: It’s highly recommended that you do this every 3-4 years.)

If you prefer to pay an auto shop worker to perform this procedure, the average power steering flush cost is between $95.19-$130.19.

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