Oil Change Prices, The Ultimate Guide for 2017 Oil Change Prices, The Ultimate Guide for 2017

Everything You Need To Know About Oil Change Prices

Getting oil change prices is a necessary for the requirement for keeping up on the maintenance of your vehicle.  Most auto manufacturers suggest that you get this type of regularly scheduled maintenance an average of every 3 to 6 months or 3,000 miles; whichever comes first. Stop for 20 minute and get this done.

Although, the frequency of completing this task is fairly well shared among everyone; the option of where to get your oil cleaned out is completely up to you. You most likely will not need to go into a dealership to get this cleaning done. In fact, you can simply do it your self or take it into a quick lube business of your choice even BJs, Meineke, Midas plus offer me more than air for my tires and Sear s was a great match for these needs as well.

Trustworthy Oil Change Services:

It is imperative to choose an oil change service providing agency which has experience and most of all good mechanics. Though oil change is an easy task but still some skills are needed to do the job. Thus you should choose the agency which has skilled mechanics, which have experience in providing such services. The maker of the car is also a consideration. The agency should posses all the equipments and tools to successfully do the oil change of the car that you posses.

Thus the provided information will help you with oil change of your vehicle. Remember never be under the impression that you don’t need to change the oil too often. This is an essential periodic practice which keeps your ride smooth and chances of a breakdown in the middle of nowhere is also reduced considerably. This service will also ensure proper functioning of the engine of your car and you will also get better mileage.


The comfort of a quick oil change service center is actually difficult to outweigh. Simply consider that the service center can make its money on volume and will urgent the repair to be able to grow their revenue. Building a range of quick assessments after the oil change service is completed will guarantee that your service was completed accordingly

In the US, there are probably a dozen or so large franchises that will change the oil in your vehicle; which is their specialty. The largest and most well know is Jiffy Lube. Two other locations that are also quite widespread are Firestone Auto Care Service and Valvoline Instant Oil. There are plenty of other places, like Walmart , Costco, Grease Monkey, Mr Kwik, Sears, Goodyear,Speedee and  Pep Boys, but these 3 are quite common in the US.

Jiffy Lube Oil Change Prices

Mechanics here perform their signature express service across the country and is well known for their in and out service.  Pennzoil, actually purchasedJiffy Lube in 1990 and still owns it today. Their Signature Service typically priced from $29.99 to 49.99 depending on the specific services rendered.   Forms of Payment: Credit Card, Cash and Check.  Vistit www.jiffylube.com for cheapest standard pricing.

Firestone Auto Care Services-Oil Change Prices

Firestone Auto Care Services will also perform this regularly scheduled maintenance for you. Their prices are also very comparable to Jiffy Lube and depending on whether or not you are able to find any discounts prices range from $38.00 to $66.00.   Firestone is typically known for their tires, but they will also perform basic vehicle maintenance services. Because of their specialty in tires, they will often include a free 4 tire rotation as part of the oil change service.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Prices

VIO,  also has hundreds of locations across the US that will perform this quick lube service. This service station has been around fora long time and will also perform the basic services performed at Jiffy Lube and Firestone; including the tire rotations if requested.  Oil Change prices range from $43.00 to $75.00.

Your Local Garage or Dealer Oil Change Prices

A price of $20 up to $80 the change oil can cost you. This price is based on the age of the car made and model of your car, also what kind of oil you would want to use in the change oil. The fee can also rely on the service station. For example, there are some shops that offer a basic oil change for $40, a price of $55 up to $60 or high-mileage change oil, and a diesel oil change for the amount of $65 up to $70. Check with your major chains such as Pennzoil and more. 2014 prices were lowest in Canadian and United Kingdom dealers the here in the sts.

DIY (what you need) One way to cut your oil change prices.

Synthetic Blend Oil- Synthetic oil should be used for changing the engine oil. These oils have added lubrication and last longer. But there may become considerations when you change from ordinary oil to synthetic oil, thus remember to ask the mechanic before changing the oil. These oils are manufactured by various companies. Choose the best brand for your vehicle, this will effect the oil change prices for DIY .

Oil Wrench- You can not use any other wrench.  THIS IS A MUST!!

Oil filter-It is essential to change the oil filter when engine oil is changed. This filter refines the fuel before it reaches the engine. If the filter is blocked partially or completely the car will have starting problems. To avoid this ensure that the mechanic changes the filter as well. It is imperative to use genuine filter and one that is especially manufactured for your vehicle. Though there are many oil filter manufacturing companies in the market use the filter that is recommended by the car manufacturer.

In Summary

Regardless of whether you choose to use our recommendations or those of your car manufacturer we respect the choice you make as long as it’s an informed one. Diesel engines, Ford pickup trucks,Toyota, BMW, Honda and some European luxury cars will have different recommendations, always consult with your automotive service provider if you have any questions about your engine. From Canada to Texas, and in between,  there are many good companies. Choose a trustworthy garage and take your car for an oil change periodically. Oil change prices may vary dramatically.

Other Information About Oil

4 Main Drivers of Oil Prices

Global Demand- Low pricing helps to pro pel global demand growth. A warm winter reduces the demand for heating oil (for heaters and furnace equipment) in many people’s home.

Production- Low prices can increase the risk of production outages.  In Nigeria, Shell has declared force majeure of exports after an explosion took place at an export terminal until recovery takes place.

Output Freeze-  Saudi Arabia will agree to a hold output only if they have support from Iran, this seems unlikely as Iran is recovering from it’s recent lift from years of sanctions.

US Supply-  The country’s output is now on a downward course, even as conventional production from areas such as the Gulf of Mexico continues to rise due to earlier investments. Offshore engineering, Marine Rigs, Island Rig and existing oil field are being optimized by engineers everyday.

As the demand for energy increases so does the need for motivated people,  Cameron ( a Schlumberger Company), have numerous career opportunities. Within Schlumberger, the Cameron group provides a complete range of flow control equipment, wireline, vectors applications, waste system and services for onshore and offshore drilling rig systems.  This company is a pioneer in it’s field and rated a best place to work. See Also: Salary and Contract

All of these diversified items play a part in the nearest Mobil Inc, Shell, Champ and Eagle Gas Stations as well as Oil Changes.  We have researched the latest gas prices in cities near and far.  Related Topics: SPIE Contract

You might be wondering why this article includes so much information about Oil prices the answer is simple they all go hand in hand.  If the price of one goes up so does the other.  IF you are interested in the international stocks,  petro industry stocks, opis (the leading pricing and new providers), Exchange Traded Fund (EFT/EFTS) you will need to check them out in a manual or on a mobile device for the ranking list of each individual stock, description, review, oih and worth.

Back to Oil Change Prices for your car.

What is so Important?

Carmax and Schwab Insurance believe every vehicle should be serviced at least twice a year or every 4000 miles  during its first 100,000 km and every 3,000 miles for cars over 100,000 km regardless of the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations (unless the manufacturers recommended mileage is less) and the reasons are outlined below:

1. Engines still consume oil and running out of oil is catastrophic to the engine, most people never check their oil, and we see engines several quarts low on oil ALL the time. Waiting another thousand kilometers may have run them completely empty.

2. Engines consume more oil as the mileage gets higher, therefore our change in recommendations at 100,000 km

3. Changing the oil frequently will prolong the engines life whether you drive a Kia, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover or even a motorcycle.

4. Clean oil will prolong oil seals life by keeping them soft and prevent leaks

5. Dirt, moisture and other contaminants build up in oil just as fast as they used to, and can cause drastic consequences if left in the engine too long.

6. No two cars are driven exactly the same way and the extended intervals are based on ideal conditions, that many of our cars never see.

7. Most vehicles only get a maintenance inspection when the oil is being changed, inspection of filters and items that wear with age, twice a year is our recommendation to keep your car safe and reliable.

8. Vehicle manufacturers are in the business of selling new cars, every car that lasts beyond 150,000 km is one lest vehicle sold. We see many cars with well over 300,000 km on them and performing great. These vehicles have one thing in common: they have been well maintained.

Engine Oils

Modern oils have increased engine life and protect other vital components better than ever and many engines are now coming with change intervals as high as 7000 miles. These kind of service intervals do not come without some concerns for us based on our experience servicing thousands of cars every year.

You can check with your expert technician at a reputable car care center for recommendations of certain types of oil that are designed for high mileage engines. If your car is about to or has reached a high mileage mark, there are motor oils that are engine lubricants, which contain additives, and components that do a great job at keeping your engine clean.

A good car service center can also make recommendation for more frequent oil change services for engines that are older.  It is imperative to choose an oil change service providing agency which has experience and most of all good mechanics. Though oil change is an easy task but still some skills are needed to do the job. Thus you should choose the center which has skilled mechanics, which have experience in providing such services. The maker of the car is also a consideration. The center  should posses all the equipments and tools to successfully do the oil change of the car that you own.

What Causes Dirty Oil?

The sludge, dust and metal particles accumulate inside the engine and cylinders. These things choke the engine; only periodic oil change can ensure smooth functioning of the engine.

Changing the oil in a vehicle keeps the internal parts moist in addition to keeping them cool, clean, and sealing them. The main types of motor oil are the synthetic and petroleum based ones and your car technician can make the recommendation as to which one will work best for your vehicle when you take it in for an inspection or an oil change service.

How Often

Most people discover that the newer made vehicles are designed to provide their best driving performances in the first 100,000 miles. Regular oil changes during this period are essential for the overall performance and longevity of the vehicle. As the car begins to age (past the 100,000 mark), this maintenance service becomes vital. You may begin to notice a difference in the performance of your vehicle, which is why it is important to get regular oil changes to you can keep your vehicle running at the same level of efficiency.

Even though most vehicle engines will perform best during their first 100,000 miles, how well maintenance is kept up on the vehicle will determine how long it will last. As the engine gains more mileage and ages, the internal parts of the engine tend to affect how well it will perform. Parts of the engine such as the valves and pistons can be expensive and even difficult to replace when they have become damaged. With clean, fresh oil that provides proper lubrication to the internal part of the engine, they will continue to work properly. A vehicle owner that takes good care of their vehicle with frequent oil changes and tune-ups will have a car that will provide them with good performance for a long time. This maintenance service can even help a vehicle perform like new passed the 100,000 mark.

After The Service

Right after your fast oil change service is performed, one of the primary things that you must test is that the oil is filled to its accurate level. Each vehicle has got special oil efficiency. It’s not all autos demand 5 quarts of engine oil. Overfilling the engine oil is detrimental for the extensive-time period safety of your engine. If the engine oil is overfilled the oil can start to foam up. And will also reduce its lubricating benefits.

The information for inspecting your oil extent may be available in your user guide. Usually in conjunction with a perception of what the dipstick seems to be. Generally, the dipstick handle is yellow for engine oil. If you should happen to notice that the engine oil is overfilled go back to the oil change service center and get them to remedy the situation.

Another element you will need to inspect after oil change service is finished is to check that the oil filter should not be seeping. Normally when a mechanic is working on your oil change, he might get diverted from his jobs and neglect to tense up the oil filter all the way up.

One BIG Mistake

Yet another well-known error is for the oil change mechanic to omit taking off the old oil filter O-ring gasket that can normally get caught on the oil filter housing. In such a circumstance as he screws on the brand new oil filter he will encounter two O-ring gaskets between the oil filter and the housing sealing area.  In such a case, the oil filter may not leak immediately.   There is however a possibility that it’ll start seeping very quickly. All that you have to do is stick your head below the vehicle and aesthetically look at the oil filter and be certain that no oil is seeping out of it. If you have no clue what the trouble is with your oil filter, you can talk to your instant oil change service technician to point the filter out to you.

Whenever you are sure about exactly where the filter is you will look underneath your vehicle for the oil dripping from the filter. You could also observe the floor below your vehicle to ascertain if any oil problems materialize.

Good Time For Tire Check

The next thing you should scrutinize after your quick oil change service has been done. Is the tire strain on practically all 4 tires? This over again was thought to be a part of your oil change service. But it is important  to double check to ensure that your tires are sufficiently inflated.  Under inflated tire scan scale back the fuel economic system tremendously and could possibly be taken into account for a health and safety concern.  The chances are your future car will alert you if your tires are under pumped.   It might be wise to get a tire stress gauge and moderate your strain.   The tire choices can be located often on the doorjamb of the car on the drivers side or also inside the owner’s guide below the tire section.


In order to ensure a quality oil change prices and services for the cars, the vehicle owners have to entrust the work with a reliable and reputed service company. However at reputed companies the cost of oil change service will be comparatively higher. These companies offer a quick oil change coupon and customers who use these coupons are entitled to substantial cash discounts for changing the oil of their cars.

Quick Service

Those who change the oil at reliable service centers can avail a good saving on gas mileage also to the extent of 2 – 3%. These companies complete the work very quickly and they ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  Even if the owner of a vehicle requires a complete oil change service, these service companies are able to finish the work and return the vehicle in under an hour (usually within 10 – 15 minutes).   Transmission oil and filter services, radiator flush service and full oil-filter-lube service etc. are also provided to the vehicles as bonus offers or at highly discounted rates.

Convenient Service

There are hundreds of car care centers that are offering oil change services for 24 hours on all seven days in a week. The oil change prices and service for vehicle is offered as packages that include changing the engine oil, installing a new filter for the oil and checking the differential fluid add up as well as transmission fluid add up. All the service companies have their service stations at various places all over the country and the website of the service company provides the information about its instant oil change locations at a particular place.

Some have a quick oil change coupon so a customer can have the oil change service at any of their service stations easily, quickly and at discounted prices.   Since proper maintenance is all the more important for vehicles especially for cars, after every 3000 miles the procurement of the oil being changed is a must.

Cars need engine oil as lubricant to guarantee that they run well. It Not only aids in giving better performance and better drive to the engine, but it will also avoid higher garage bills as your mileage goes up. .

Extra costs to be aware of:

An extra fee of $5 up to $30 for a more compound filter, which many cars will need.

If you need more than the allotted 6 quarts of oil, you will need additional amount of $3 up to $10 per additional quart, depending on the type of oil you have selected. You will find that many of your oil change companies will also want you to get additional problems fixed if they do find one. What you’re going to find it that oil change companies generally have a bad reputation when it comes down to getting your oil changed, and adding on additional products. Make sure that you look into getting a second opinion before agreeing with their estimates on anything above your oil change prices.

Need a Reminder:

This is why it is so important to pay attention to that oil change decal on the inside of your windshield that most auto shops use to remind you of the next oil change. It is a gentle reminder message that when you get into your car you will know when the oil needs changed.

The oil change decal is also of great importance to the mechanic it tells them when the oil was to be changed.  Most oil change decals will have on them the name of the mechanic, address and phone number, with the next oil change interval written in with a ball point pen.

Most of the time, these oil change decals are little labels that adhere by static cling. The best stickers from the best printers will be made of high quality vinyl and will be able to be written on with marker or a pen. These stickers are very easy to put on and to take off. They are simple to read, very resistant to hot and cold temperatures, will not fade and normally have all of your company information on them. A good oil change sticker is a highly effective marketing tool, and is a very good way to ensure that your customer will come back.

Cost Effective

An oil change prices are a cost effective, fast way to prevent costly car repairs in the future. This maintenance service can also keep your vehicle running smoothly and sound for a long time. Scheduling an appointment with an honest and reliable car care center to see what maintenance, repair, or replacement services are needed for your vehicle.  You can inquire about discounts on the oil change prices they may be promoting so you can cut down on expenses. The maintenance you have performed on your car will be a big indicator on how well it will continue to perform at peak performance.

Overall, getting an regular oil change is important for the maintenance of your vehicle. It really doesn’t matter how you get it done; by yourself or through a business check for coupons for oil change prices.

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