NTB Oil Change Prices NTB Oil Change Prices


NTB Tires & Routine Auto Maintenance is a fairly new company considering that they just got their start in 2003. NTB was previously owned by Sears, but then soon spun off from them. Sears created this brand in 1997 when they joined together Tire America and National Tire Warehouse; Sears then sold the brand to TBC Corporation. NTB is now apart of the TBC retail group, which also includes Tire Kingdom, Merchant’s Tire and Auto Centers, and Big O Tire. Combined, there are over 1200 locations. These locations are spread throughout the country, including shops in 41 states, Washington DC, and also Canada. Even though NTB is just getting their start, the company has grown significantly and is still rapidly expanding. They are committed to fitting into their customers schedules and being a convenient service center for them.


National Tire and Battery (NTB) Tires & Routine Auto Maintenance offers four types of oil changes to fit your vehicle’s specific needs. The maintenance keeps your engine cool and running smoothly, which reduces the need for repairs.   Diesel Oil Changes offer the same benefits, but is manufactured specifically for diesel vehicles.   NTB’s third option is the  High Mileage/Synthetic Blend Oil Change and this choice is a higher quality oil. This option has added benefits and will protect your engine from more damages than the cheaper options.   Finally, NTB offers a  Full Synthetic Oil Change. This provides the highest quality when it comes to their oil choices, and will keep your engine running extremely smooth.

All of NTB’s oil changes also come with other services as well. These services include a free four tire rotation, battery check, TPMS reset (when applicable), visual brake check, and wiper fluid top off.   Although the quality is higher in some oils compared to others, it is important to decide which oil is best for your specific vehicle.   NTB’s website offers a service where you can search your vehicle type and it will recommend the best type of oil for your vehicle. This will ensure that your vehicle is running at the highest quality possible. All of NTB’s oil change options are of very high quality and will help protect your engine and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Coupons and Deals

Oil changes can be expensive, especially if your vehicle needs a higher quality oil to function properly. After a while, these expenses can add up. It is important to always look for the best quality of maintenance when it comes to your car, but it is also important to make sure that you are getting a good deal. NTB offers many coupons and deals on their website CLICK HERE  to make these oil changes affordable. Their website offers not only coupons for oil changes, but deals on tires and other services as well. These coupons could add up to a substantial amount of savings for consumers when it comes to anything that has to do with the maintenance and upkeep of their vehicle.



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