Getting the Most out of Your Mr. Tire Visit Getting the Most out of Your Mr. Tire Visit

Mr. Tire is a tire dealer and distributor as well as a service station. They offer tires for sale as well as the labor and expertise to install and maintain them. They also offer basic vehicle maintenance and parts replacement for nearly every common vehicle make and model. In their own words, the scope of their services includes “…complete under-car care, including oil changes, brakes shocks and struts, exhaust, state inspections and, of course, replacement tires.”

Mr. Tire is a storied company with nearly 50 years in the tire business. The company has been operating its over 300 stores in the central and eastern United States in direct competition with bigger name tire dealers and service stations and still manages to be successful. They accomplish this through several unique promotions. Mr. Tire locations are all company owned and operated and not franchises.

The History of Mr. Tire

Founded in 1970 in Minnesota and Maryland, Mr. Tire has expanded from these locations and now operates in 9 states. Mr. Tire stayed independent for many years until in 2004 it was acquired by Monro, Inc., a larger automotive repair and maintenance company.

While Monro Muffler/Brake and Service run their own store locations in 27 states, they allow the Mr. Tire branches to operate under their own brand. The larger company wished to continue to reap the benefits of Mr. Tire’s brand name recognition in the areas that it has operated for several decades. Today, Munro continues to acquire more tire dealerships and service stations and rebrand them as Mr. Tire.

The Quality of Service

There are conflicting reports on the quality of service at Mr. Tire locations. Some are glowing endorsements while others report horror stories of predatory practices and misleading employees. Service seems to vary widely from location to location, signaling that there is possibly a lot of freedom in how the locations are run.

The Better Business Bureau

As far as business practices go, however, many Mr. Tire locations are rated A or above by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB rates a business on its complaint history, the transparency of its business practices, the truthfulness of its advertising and more. Many Mr. Tire stores do well in all of these categories, but not all of the stores.

In fairness, many locations are not even rated by the BBB. This means that the store has not gone out of its way to seek grading by the BBB and no serious event has occurred that has prompted an investigation. This is not a particularly negative or positive thing.

Other stores still grade somewhat low in the C to C- range. These stores are in the minority and show no clear pattern, suggesting that the issues are local and contained, not within the company as a whole.


As for customer generated reviews, Mr. Tire rates good to average. On the popular review app and website Yelp, Mr. Tire locations throughout the states of operation consistently score three out of five stars or above. This suggests that most people are satisfied with their service at Mr. Tire, regardless of how the BBB views their business practices.

Some locations score less than three out of five stars, but these are outliers. They are rare and do not represent the majority of Mr. Tire locations or their level of service as a whole. Preliminary research is recommended on local stores before committing to one.

Special Deals, Discounts and Promotions

Mr. Tire owes much of its success and staying power to the many promotional offers it provides for the public. Since the 1970s, they have been cultivating an image of a company that provides coupons and special deals regularly for its customers.

Mr. Tire Coupons

Mr. Tire offers coupons on nearly every kind of service and replacement part that they provide. These coupons range anywhere from $5 off state inspections all the way up to free battery and charging system tests. Their coupons vary greatly in their offers and also include set discount prices on services and percentage discounts off of parts and labor, the costs of which might fluctuate based on the vehicle of the customer.

Mr. Tire offers coupons in the following fields:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Tire Services
  • State Inspections
  • Flush and Fill Services

Customers need only visit Mr. Tire’s website, then make their way to the coupon page. From there, the coupons must be printed out and presented to the Mr. Tire employees working on the vehicle. Customers should carefully read the terms and conditions of the coupons they wish to use, as some restrictions apply, and some situations may prohibit the coupon’s use.

Beating A Competitor’s Coupons

Mr. Tire has a long-standing deal that they will beat any competitor’s coupons by at least five percent. Once the price of the service or part has been established from the competing coupon, Mr. Tire will subtract the additional five percent.

Many conditions apply, however. The competing coupon must be in readable condition and may require corporate validation. Mr. Tire may also require that a quote from the competing dealer or service station be presented. Also, the deal is not valid on every vehicle, just most of them. Often large or commercial vehicles are exempt from these kinds of discounts and deals, usually due to the specialized parts and expertise required.

The Drive Card

Exclusive to Mr. Tire customers is the Mr. Tire Drive Card. This credit card is available for free to anyone who signs up at a Mr. Tire store. The card offers interest-free financing on purchases over $250 at Mr. Tire locations. This means that should a customer charge more than $250 on their Drive Card for Mr. Tire services, they then have six months to pay the full amount back before interest is charged.

Additionally, Mr. Tire offers exclusive deals and discounts for holders of the Drive Card. There is also no monthly fee, and the minimum monthly payments are quite low. However, the Drive Card is not without its catches. Approval for the card is subject to a credit check of the purchaser regardless of their purchase cost. The APR is also a whopping 30 percent, so customers should be sure to pay the bill quickly so as not to incur interest.

Mr. Tire often has promotions in conjunction with their Drive Card. For instance, sometimes their coupon discounts or sale discounts are increased for Drive Card members; an extra $20 here or an extra 10 percent of there is enough to make the card an attractive option for frequent customers. Particularly frugal customers can wait for a membership drive promotion to enjoy even further discounts at the time of registration.

Moto Manager

Mr. Tire may be a 50-year-old company, but they are doing their best to keep pace with the 21st century. The company has created their own smartphone app called Moto Manager. With this app, customers can now Track their purchases and become eligible for exclusive discounts.

With the Moto Manager app, users can input their vehicle details and previous appointments with Mr. Tire, and it will automatically recommend parts and services as well as give reminders when the vehicle is due for service. Customers can also schedule appointments with Mr. Tire stores wherever they are and find stores near them. All of the user’s service records are also available through the app so they can track their vehicle’s performance over time.

Based on the user’s provided vehicle details, the app will periodically alert the user to special discounts that apply to them. For example, a user with a truck who is due for a tire replacement soon might get an alert about exclusive coupons for truck tires. Users can also set preferences for the kinds of deals that they do or do not want to see.

The Moto Manager app is available on the Apple app store and Google Play. Once a customer downloads the app and goes through the onboarding process, they are awarded a free conventional oil change or up to 25$ towards their next service at a Mr. Tire store. The Moto Manager app is free and does not require the user to obtain a Drive card or any other membership.

Where Is the Closest Tire Shop Near Me?

Finding the nearest Mr. Tire is easy. First, customers can go to the Mr. Tire website and use the store locator, often labeled “Tire Centers Near Me.” The website will give visitors all relevant details including location via Google Maps, store hours and contact information.

Alternatively, users with the Moto Manager app can quickly and easily find the nearest Mr. Tire store through the app. The app may require the user to be registered, but it still works. A vital tool for emergency or urgent situations.

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