Meineke Car Care Centers Inc. is an international car repair chain that was founded in 1971, and the franchise-based chain has more than a thousand locations. The company was previously known as Meineke Discount Mufflers, but the name was changed following the company’s expansion of services including oil change and auto repairs.

Meineke Oil Change Cost

Below are the estimated Meineke oil change prices.

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Services and Meineke Oil Change Prices / Cost

Meineke oil change services have three variants, Basic, Supreme Oil, and Preferred. The Basic oil change service includes a tire pressure check, oil, and filter plus a 23 point inspection. The Preferred oil change service has all the services of the Basic package and also includes tire rotation, balance check on all the tires and four months of free roadside assistance.

The Supreme oil change has all the benefits of the previous services as well as tire rotation, top off fluids, a balance of all the tires and four months roadside assistance free. Meineke Oil Change prices or cost for each of these services varies, and the company usually offers coupons and discounts for loyal customers.

Besides oil change, the Meineke also offers other auto care services including A/C, suspension and steering, batteries, wheels, tires, and exhaust. Just like with the oil change service, Meineke prices for these vary, but usually, discounts are offered here as well.

The Car Care Club

The Meineke Car Care Club offers members many ways to save money and get more out of their cars. Those who sign up for membership receive several benefits and rewards as well as significant savings on auto repair and maintenance in the long term. Also, those who join the Car Care Club will be alerted when a service is recommended, and all services will be tracked for your convenience.

Those who sign up for membership also get free oil change service after foul changes, free annual tire rotation, and customized service reminders. In addition, members get access to exclusive discounts and promotions that are not available to anyone else.


The company was founded in 1971 in Houston, Texas by Sam Meineke, although it wasn’t until 1972 when the company began to franchise with the help of Harold Nedell. In 1983, the GKN Company purchased Meineke and three years later the company HQ was transferred to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The succeeding years saw the company grow and expand its services, and by 2003 the decision had been made to change the name from Meineke Discount Mufflers to Meineke Car Care Centers Inc. This also marked a change in company policy as it was no longer to be traded publicly.

Three years after changing the name, Meineke’s parent company also underwent a name change and became known as Driven Brands, Inc. Immediately thereafter, the company acquired Econo Lube ‘N Tune Inc., a quick oil change firm, and this was followed by the purchase of Drive N Style, Auto Qual, and Maaco.

The company’s series of acquisitions did not end there, however, as the company announced it had purchased Walt’s Auto Care Centers, a Seattle-Tacoma auto repair chain. Following the acquisition, the company bought America’s Service Station locations to expand its operations.

For more information about Meineke, visit their official website.

Meineke Oil Change

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