Mavis Tire: Coupons, Services, Quality and More Mavis Tire: Coupons, Services, Quality and More

Mavis Discount Tire is one of the largest independent auto service companies in the nation. They have over 400 service centers across the East Coast. Despite its name, Mavis offers complete auto care services including repairs and maintenance. They do tires too, of course, and can work on just about every major make and model.

But is the big business still worth your time? Do the Mavis Discount Tire auto care centers treat you like a valued customer as per their independent status or do they treat you like another statistic in their corporate budget? Let’s take a look at the company, on the whole, the types of service they offer, the quality of those services and all the ways you can get Mavis Tire coupons, discounts, and deals.

Humble Beginnings

A lot of companies like to brag about their humble beginnings, but Mavis Discount Tire has most of them beat. In 1949, a named Victor Sorbaro and his wife Marion opened up a bicycle repair shop next to a toy shop that sold, along with toys, bicycles. Vic’s Cycle Shop quickly rose to local fame as he was seemingly a wizard at repairing bicycles and especially their tires. Tires that most people believed were too far gone found their way back on the road with Vic’s help.

By chance, one day a customer got a flat tire on his automobile and asked Vic to take a look at it. Figuring it couldn’t be too much different than a bike tire, Vic worked his magic on it and got the customer on the road again. Word spread, and Vic’s Cycle Shop became the most popular auto service station in Mt. Vernon, New York.

After opening their first dedicated auto service center, business boomed, and one store turned into three. In 1972, they renamed their businesses Mavis Discount Tire; Mavis being a combination of Marion and Victor’s names plus the first letter of their last name, Sorbaro. The company grew steadily until the new millennium when it experienced another golden age.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In the past decade or so, Mavis Discount Tire acquired Cole Muffler Brake in 2008, Somerset Tire (also known as STS) in 2015 and Kauffman Tire in 2018. With these new assets, Mavis became one of the biggest independent multi-brand tire dealers in the country. They now boast over 400 locations across the states of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Georgia and Florida.

The Services Mavis Discount Tire Provides

Very few businesses can survive providing just a single service in today’s economy, especially in the automotive industry. Mavis Discount Tire is keenly aware of this, as demonstrated by their acquisitions of different companies and expanding of services. Here is a list of the main services that Mavis Discount Tire performs.

Tire Services

As expected from a company with “discount tire” in the name, Mavis offers tire sales on dozens of brands of tires from all over the world. They also repair auto tires of all kinds as per their pedigree. Furthermore, Mavis Tire performs all the wheel and tire services you would expect including wheel alignment, tire rotation, tire balance and more. Their onsite technicians can help with selecting new tires or repairing and maintaining old ones depending on what the customer needs.

Other Mechanical Services

Beyond the wheels and tires, Mavis also offers brake services including brake checks and repairs, suspension repairs on shocks or struts, exhaust systems checks, and muffler repairs. Mavis technicians are also certified to work on front ends which include axles, steering components, hub assemblies and more. Unless its bodywork, glasswork or your make and model are rare and require specialized equipment and expertise, Mavis can probably fix it.

Maintenance Services

Mavis Discount Tire also offers all of the standard maintenance procedures you would expect from a quick lube service station. They offer oil changes of all kinds as well as battery and charger systems repair and replacements. They can also check minor systems like AC, heating and air filters as well.


Mavis Tire offers state-mandated inspections for most vehicles. However, the only states they offer inspections in are New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Not all locations are licensed inspectors, so research online where the nearest one is and make an appointment.

The Quality of Service

Despite its recent acquisitions and mergers, Mavis Discount Tire does its best to maintain the quality standard laid down by their independent roots. Several independent customer reviews and complaint aggregators grade them as quite positively. The exception to this is Yelp, a review site on which many Mavis Tire locations are rated poorly. In fairness, however, most businesses are reviewed less than satisfactorily on that website and amongst its competition, Mavis rates about the same on it.

Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot rates Mavis Discount Tire as “Excellent” on their website with over 6,000 reviews. They average a score of five out of five stars; not an easy feat. There are a few one-star reviews peppered in there, but to their credit, Mavis responds to dissatisfied customers directly on the Trust Pilot website. They offer opportunities to contact them to resolve the issues, although it is uncertain if these issues were resolved this way.

Consumer Affairs

The Consumer Affairs website is well known in the consumer reporting community as having reliable reviewers and strong integrity controls. On this site, Mavis Discount Tire is also rated very well with an average rating of four and a half out of five stars. This score is an aggregate of the last year only, meaning that this is a good measure of the service of Mavis as it is at this point in time.

Mavis Tire Coupons, Deals and Promotions

As is the norm with auto repair and service centers, the company offers coupons and other promotional discounts to entice customers away from their competition. These deals rotate and do not stay the same, but if the right coupons crop up, it is possible to save a lot of money by coupling them with Mavis Tire’s already low prices.

Mavis Tire Coupons

Besides seasonal sales and tire deals, there is a small selection of Mavis Tire coupons on their website. These coupons are good for discounts in dollar or percentage amounts off of batteries, mufflers, shocks or struts, brakes and alignment services. Sometimes they offer coupons for free services such as tire rotations. Customers need only print out the coupons and present them to the technician as they will need a physical copy.

Compared to other large chains of auto service centers and tire stores, Mavis Tire does not offer as many coupons. They tend to rely on their already low prices as well as their other methods of offering discounts and promotional deals.


Mavis Discount Tire offers an extensive rebate service for its tire purchases. Depending on the chosen brand, customers can mail in a rebate form and receive a prepaid MasterCard with set cash value on it. The amount of money changes from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the biggest and best brands are on offer including Goodyear, Pirelli, Firestone, Uniroyal and Falken. These rebate programs change often, so check the Mavis Tire website frequently to see what is on offer.

Mavis Discount Tire Credit Card

Mavis Discount Tire offers an exclusive credit card for their regular customers that provides a wide range of benefits. Cardholders get access to exclusive deals and discounts available only to them. These can be cash back, reduced prices or free services.

Furthermore, the Mavis Discount Tire Card offers interest-free financing on purchases of $200 or more at Mavis Tire locations. Cardholders can enjoy these zero interest payments as long as they pay back the full amount within six months. If the purchase is not repaid in that time frame, APR shoots up to 30 percent.

This is quite high but not uncommon for company-specific cards such as these. Other cards require higher minimum purchases than this one and impose higher interest rates. Others still have lower minimum payments and APRs, so this card is pretty average.

Other benefits of the Mavis Discount Tire credit card include no annual fees, instant credit decisions, convenient monthly payments and online account management. Also, if a customer purchases a set of four Mavis Traction Control tires or makes a purchase of $700 or more, they can get a $100 prepaid Visa card by mail. The card is accepted at gas stations nationwide and can be used for just about everything. To apply, simply head to the Mavis Tire website and apply online or apply in person at any Mavis Discount Tire location.

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