Looking to buy Tires ? Here are top 3 brands! Looking to buy Tires ? Here are top 3 brands!

Finding a good tire for you vehicle could be a tough task because of the number of name brands out there. What do you look for in a good tire? We tend to focus on the quality of the tire longevity and tire performance to rate our times. Most companies will promise quality tires, but unless you know what to look for, it may be hard to find the right tires for you. Here are three of the top name brand tire companies around.


Michelin is considered the best tired brand my most experts and its for a good reason. Michelin tires offer nearly a perfect blend of grip, handling, low rolling resistance , all characteristics that are important for good fuel economy.  Michelin tires have a long tread life as well, Michelin has tread wear warranties on all replacement tires (which some companies don’t offer), including winter and summer tires. Quality doesn’t come cheap, Michelin tires can be pricey and that can turn off potential buyers.But if you want quality tires, you have to pay the price sometimes and in most cases it would be worth it.


Continental tires is a brand that many may not have ever heard of, but they do have a quality brand of tires. Continental is known for consistently offering high-scoring tires. Handling and impressive stopping grip on dry and wet which is what most drivers need to look for in buying good tires.


When you think of a good tire brand, the first thing that may come come to mind is Goodyear. Goodyear is the name most customers associate with quality tires. Goodyear is known for it’s seasonal tires that last a long time. These tires are especially useful for those of you who live in harsh winter climates. You know what you buy Goodyear, you are getting quality tires.

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