Jiffy Lube Prices- Effective November 2016 Jiffy Lube Prices- Effective November 2016

Jiffy Lube is a franchise chain of service centers with  over 2,000 centers.  Jiffy Lube Service Centers  offer more than just oil changes.  You can also have you vehicle serviced with tire rotations, regular maintenance and emergency services.

Jiffy Lube was ranked number 15 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2012 Franchise 500 and number 73 on Franchise Times 2011 Top 200 Franchise Chains by Worldwide Sales

Their technicians and car mechanics are well-trained in automotive repairs but they are also very effective in providing excellent customer service.  The transmission flush cost (Jiffy Lube) is not so expensive as you can see in the list below. The technicians will assist you in finding the information and parts you will need, whether it’s in-store, online or by providing access to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Jiffy Lube Prices- Effective November 2016

Included with the service is oil with up to five quarts. Expect to pay for half quarts. Additionally a cost of labor around $30 will be added to the base cost. Here are the estimated Jiffy Lube oil change prices:

Formula Shell® Conventional oil change $29.99
Signature Service oil change $39.99 @ $7 quart
Pennzoil® Conventional oil change $44.99
Pennzoil® Synthetic Blend oil change $59.99
Pennzoil® High Mileage Engine oil change $59.99 @ $8 quart
Full Synthetic oil change $79.99 @ $10 quart
Pennzoil® Platinum oil change $89.99
Pennzoil® Ultra Platinum oil change $109.99
Light Bulb Replacement $5.99
Windshield Wiper Replacement $9.99
Headlight Cleaning (2 headlights) $40.00
Engine Air Filter Replacement $14.99
Cabin Air Filter Replacement $59.99
Fuel Filter Replacement Service $69.99
Fuel System Cleaning Service $74.99
Fluid Exchange & Filter Replacement $179.99
Fluid Exchange $129.99
Filter Replacement $99.99
Drain & Fill $69.99
Transmission Flush Cost – Jiffy Lube $59.99
Differential Service $59.99
Radiator Antifreeze / Coolant Service $109.99
Power Steering Exchange $69.99
Serpentine Belts Replacement $89.99
Battery Replacement $79.99
Engine Flush $69.99
Tire Rotation Service $21.99
Battery Terminal Cleaning $9.99
Radiator Caps $7.99
Drain Plugs / Check Plugs $5.00
Antifreeze / Coolant $4.00

For more info: http://www.autoserviceprices.com/jiffy-lube-oil-change-prices/

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