Items Everyone Should Have In Their Car At All Times Items Everyone Should Have In Their Car At All Times

We spend a significant amount of time in our cars. During our daily travels in our vehicles, unexpected circumstances occasionally arise. Maybe we get a puncture in the middle of nowhere, or we get caught in a snowstorm. Whatever the situation, it is always good to be prepared.

This is a guide on what items are necessary to handle vehicle breakdowns and emergencies.

1. A spare tire

You should always have a spare tire on hand, if possible four. In the event of a puncture, the nearest auto repair shop may be miles away and being stranded in the middle of nowhere is not fun at all. If you have a spare wheel, replacing the faulty one should take a short time and you will soon be on your way.

You must also ensure you carry a wrench and tire jack. Without these, the spare wheel is useless. They are an essential mainstay of any vehicle.

2. Jumper cables

There is nothing more frustrating than your battery dying halfway through a trip. With a set of jumper cables, a disabling problem can be quickly resolved. Even if your battery is so old that it can barely hold a charge, jumper cables can give it enough power to get you to the nearest service station.

3. Reflective triangle

These are necessary in the event of an automobile accident, or at night when people cannot see you by the side of the road. Flares are also a good alternative. If you need to alert people to your presence on the side of the road, just place one behind your car, and on in front of your car.

4. Duct tape

Duct tape is one of those things that has a myriad uses. Duct tape can be used to fix broken things in the car until you can get to an auto repair shop. It can hold items together, and it can be used to fashion implements if you ever find yourself stranded in the wild.

5. First aid kit

This is another absolute essential. In an accident people can sustain severe injuries, first aid kits help minimize the damage caused by these accidents. Also first aid kit can be used to store medications such as painkillers, so that if you have a migraine will driving you can relieve your symptoms.

6. Flashlight

If your battery dies down in the middle of a deserted road, there is no way to turn on the headlights. A flashlight provides light until you can find your way to human habitation.

7. GPS or Maps

This is useful in the event that you get lost, which can happen if you travel to another city or state. It is advisable that you have both a GPS and a map, this is because there are areas where GPS is faulty or is simply not available.

8. Spare cell phone

A spare cell phone can come in handy in the event of an emergency that has rendered your primary cell phone unusable. With it you can dial 911 or any other emergency services. Always check to ensure that it is fully charged.

9. Radio

If you ever find yourself caught in unusual weather, or maybe there is a massive collision on the roads that you are using, a radio allows you to hear what the authorities expect you to do.

10. Blankets

Blankets are useful if you ever find yourself forced to spend a night in your car. This could be because your car broke down in the middle night and help will not be available till the next day. Or maybe the stretch of road you are travelling on is blocked for the night. Either way, a few blankets will protect you from deadly hypothermia.

11. Water bottle

Water is essential to life. If you end up stranded in a remote place for a significant amount of time, you will need water to survive. Thus, always have a few bottles of water on hand.

12. Snack bars or Meals ready to eat

If you are stranded you will need to food for energy and sustenance. Meals ready to eat are great, because all you have to do is add water to them and they warm up. Have a few packs on hand just in case.

13. Lifehammer and a knife

If your vehicle is ever submerged in water, the lifehammer may be the only way to break the windows and free you from the car. Also, in situations where a seatbelt gets stuck, you may need to cut yourself or another passenger free, this is where the knife comes in handy.

With the above items on board, you can brave most adverse circumstances that befall you while you commute. If you ever find yourself requiring emergency car services, call Meineke, they offer quality auto services at affordable prices.

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