How much are tire alignments? How much are tire alignments?

Getting your car aligned can save you money now!

The price for alignment can vary.  Let us explain…..when looking for front end alignment price you will need to consider whether  you are looking for a front end alignment price or a four wheel alignment.

Benefits of Getting an Alignment

  • Enhance performance of your tires.
  • Prolong the safe operation of your vehicle.
  • Increase your fuel efficiency.
  • Extend the life of your tires.
  • Smooth driving.


There are two different services that are available which are a four wheel alignment and a front wheel alignment. The four wheel will always be more expensive, but is highly recommended due to the minor difference in cost.  With a front end alignment, only two of the wheels will be fixed.    We have compiled the prices from national companies that offer an adjustment service below.


How Much are Tire Alignments?

Pep Boys  ……………………………. $85


Walmart 4 Wheel ………………… $75




Having an alignment performed is a critical part of your car maintenance. This will directly impact the wear and performance of your tires. Additionally, it can greatly improve your ride in your car, giving it a smooth ride.

With a proper alignment there will be a reduction in vibrations. There are many service stations that can perform an alignment with the cost ranging for a single wheel alignment cost being $50 for a single alignment up to $100.  This is a very important preventative maintenance procedure to have completed as it will ensure the safety of your vehicle’s operation. We recommend that you use the pricing for alignments from major retailers below as a guide, and shop around your local area to find a good deal.


Alignment is the direction and angle in which the tires point while sitting on the road.   The wheels are connected to your automobile through a suspension system which provides comfortable driving conditions, but easily falls out of alignment from use and road hazards such as potholes. If you do not have a proper auto alignment, not only will it impact the quality of your ride, but it will also cause the tires to wear down unevenly which costs you a lot of money to replace them.   There are a few different checkpoints that are analyzed during this service to ensure that the angles are optimal and set as recommended by the manufacturer.


The angle between the upper and lower ball joint of the steering mechanism which comes in contact with the wheel assembly.  If you notice any disruptions in your ability to steer the car with ease at high speeds then this might be the problem.







Camber: The angle between the road and the tire. This determines how much of the tire comes in contact with the road and can effect how the tires wear. The weight of the car will apply a force from the road onto the rubber of the tire giving you traction and control. If this angle is not set correctly then you will experience possible slippage which is a serious safety concern.



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Toe: The angle between the tires while pointing forwards. Each of the wheel sets should be parallel to help the car move without anything getting in the way. The specific settings which are calibrated at rest depend on the car being front or rear wheel. All specifications are provided by the manufacturer which will be checked during the alignment.


Having your tires properly aligned will save you a lot of money as new tires are very expensive. Compare these figures one time alignment cost is $90 versus 4 new tires $600.  That’s a $510 savings!  Another way to save would be to check the coupon section of the newspaper as well as Discount Tire Alignment.


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