Grease Monkey Oil Change Prices Grease Monkey Oil Change Prices

History of Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey was founded in 1978, and they now have over 300 locations in the United States, Latin America, and China. The company headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, and the President/CEO John B. Adams. Grease Monkey has become very concerned with environmental efforts, so they have started offering more options for their customers. In 2007, they started offering an EcoPower oil change option, which helps the company to be more environmentally friendly. Grease Monkey Oil Change Prices were featured in The National Oil & Lube News in April 2012 for their efforts of “Going Green”.

Grease Monkey Oil Change Prices & Services

Grease Monkey offers a large amount of options when it comes to oil changes for your vehicle. The first option for consumers is their conventional oil option, which helps extend the life of your engine. Next, they offer a Dexos or Dexos Equivalent oil, which is specifically meant for General Motor vehicles that were made from 2011 or later. The EcoPower oil is an eco-friendly motor oil that conserves resources and uses 85% less energy to produce. This option also gives the vehicle the extra protection that synthetic oils offer, but this produces a smaller carbon footprint. Grease Monkeyext option, the High Mileage oil change, is a mixture of regular and synthetic motor oil. This service provides great protection for older vehicles, and is specifically meant for cars with over 75,000 miles. This option also helps fight sludge and varnish deposits, stop viscosity breakdown, and helps prevent leaks. Next is the Synthetic Blend oil, which provides improved engine protection during a cold start, prevents oil breakdown, and reduces oil consumption. Finally, Grease Monkey offers their Synthetic oil change option which provides exceptional protection.    High temperatures, maximizes fuel economy, and offers a high level of long-term wear protection are important  to your engine parts.

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All of their Full Service Oil Changes come with multiple benefits as well. These benefits include washing exterior windows, vacuuming the interior, changing/filling the battery fluid, checking the air filter, checking windshield wiper blades, checking the breather element and PCV valve, checking/filling windshield wiper fluid, checking all exterior lights, checking/filling transmission or transaxle fluid, checking the radiator level and testing coolant, checking/filling power steering fluid, installing a new oil filter, lubricating chassis, checking/filling differential fluid, and checking and setting tire pressure.

Grease Monkey Oil Change Prices – Coupons and Deals

Don’t forget there are money saving options when it comes to getting their vehicle serviced, but these savings are important and can add up over time.   It is always important to consider money-saving options when purchasing any good or service, so an oil change for your vehicle shouldn’t be any different.  Consumers want to make sure they are getting the highest quality service at the best possible price, and Grease Monkey’s website can help you do that. This is where you can find the best deals and coupons for your next Full Service oil change.

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