The name Firestone has long been associated with tires, but the company actually provides a number of specialized automotive services including Firestone oil change, batteries, alignment and brakes. The company’s auto services also includes repair, drivetrain, vehicle inspection, maintenance and transmission service.

Below are the estimated Firestone oil change prices.


Premium Oil Change

Includes Up to 5 Quarts of Oil

Blend (High Mileage)$38.00
Full Synthetic$66.00

Oil Change Service

Among the most affordable Firestone prices are for oil change. Available at all Firestone Complete Auto Care Centers, the service includes an oil change using only the highest quality synthetic oil, high mileage blend or synthetic blend, depending on the type of vehicle you drive.

The service also includes an inspection of your car’s oil filter and used oil, and if necessary, replace the filter. The service also includes an air filter and cabin filter inspection, and if necessary replace them. A Firestone automotive technician may also perform a courtesy inspection which comes with topping of fluids (including the engine coolant and window washer fluid).

The technician can also assess the car’s signal and brake lights, lubricate the chassis if required, do a visual inspection to check for damage and look for problems in the undercarriage, skid plates, suspension, steering, hoses and belts. Firestone Oil change prices depend on the package you avail of, and this rule applies to all the auto services packages offered by the company.


Firestone was established by Samuel Firestone in 1900 to provide for the buggies, wagons and other transportation available during the time. It didn’t take long however, for Firestone to see the huge potential in the burgeoning car industry. Fortunately, Firestone was good friends with Henry Ford, and this led to his company becoming the supplier of the Ford Motor Company.

The company’s original headquarters was in Akron, Ohio, the same as that of rival Goodyear. For the next 75 years, Firestone and Goodyear would battle for supremacy in the tire industry. In 1979, Firestone hired John Nevin to breathe new life into the company, and Nevin instituted several reforms, including the transfer of its headquarters from Akron to Chicago.

Nevin also sold Firestone’s other businesses, and in 1988, the company was acquired by Bridgestone. The merged Firestone and Bridgestone companies set their headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

The merger of Firestone and Bridgestone also led to the company’s expansion of services. Aside from tires, the company now uses the Firestone brand for other divisions and services. These include the Specialty Products, Firestone Natural Rubber Company, Complete Auto Care, Industrial Products LLC and Firestone Building Products. Today, the company has an annual revenue exceeding $2 billion.

Apart from its rich history, Firestone has also long been associated with motorsports, including the classic 1911 Indianapolis 500 which was won by a car using Firestone tires. In fact, Firestone cars won all the Indy Car races from 1920 to 1966, underscoring its superior design and reliability.

Firestone was also involved in Formula One from 1950 to 1974. After leaving the motorsport scene in 1974, the company returned in 1995 to CART. After Goodyear retried from the Indy Car Series, Firestone was left as the lone tire supplier.

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