Eurotek S4– Everything You Need to Know About Audi Parts Eurotek S4– Everything You Need to Know About Audi Parts

Earlier this year, Leo Alexandre, founder of Eurotek Tuning, wanted to prove that it is possible to build a dream car without having to spend an arm and a leg using Audi Performance Parts that are readily available to the public. In March of 2014, he set out to do just that by purchasing a 2011 Audi parts Tronic as the new Eurotek Tuning project car and installing Audi aftermarket products carried by his shop. Within just two months, the build was just about complete and publicly revealed at Waste 2014. Continue reading below to see the details.

The Audi parts

The 2011 B8 Audi parts comes stock with a supercharged v6, sharp handling, an attractive interior, sexy body and excellent fuel economy. It’s a secret combination of modern luxury and performance, producing 333 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. With the S Tronic (dual-clutch automated manual), the S4 returns one mpg more on the highway. As a bonus, this model has a hidden “launch control” feature that will send the car flying instantaneously off the acceleration. That said, what more can one do to this dream car? In two words: A LOT!

Eurotek’s S4 Audi Performance Audi Parts & Modifications

The Audi S4 is the perfect model vehicle for performance modifications.

The Tune: Upon purchasing the S4, Leo took it to his shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he immediately programmed it with APR Stage 2+ Tuning software. With this tune, APR requires the installation of the APR Supercharger Pulley and recommends the installation of a performance exhaust. Leo installed the APR Supercharger Pulley and opted to replace the stock exhaust with a Stasis Exhaust.

Exterior: Leo added a EuroGEAR Carbon Fiber Splitter on the front and a Carbon Fiber Valance in the rear.

Audi S4 Eurotek Rebuild

Image via Motoroso

Engine: Under the hood, the Audi S4 sports an APR Coolant Performance System and Stage 1/Stage 2 Carbonio Intake System.

Transmission: Popped on the 034 Motorsport Transmission Mount, a super affordable, easy-to-install, little piece of billet aluminum that eliminates drivetrain slop and results in crisp shifts and a smoother ride.

Suspension: Dropped with the Bilstein’s Coilover Kit and utilizing SPC’s Adjustable Control Arms to achieve just the proper geometry, the rest of the car’s performance suspension features a Eurocode lineup of Front and Back Swaybars, Front Swaybar Link, Aluminum Rear End Link and Alu Kreuz Chassis Brace.
Wheels & Tires: This newly configured beast sits on a pretty set of Neuspeed 19×19 RSe10 Wheels and Michelin 255/35ZR19 Pilot Super Sports Tires.
Brakes: The resulting spike in power and speed requires the ability to stop on a dime during any condition. The Eurotek’s Audi S4 Build includes Forge Motorsports’ massive eight piston 380mm Big Brake Kit Big Brake System to achieve the correct brake balance.

Additional: Not much was done within the cabin. However, Leo did install the P3 Cars Digital Interface. It looks high tech, fits seamlessly within the cabin as if it were stock and, most importantly, helps measure performance. Finally, to add a few finishing touches, the S4 also features a new front grill, an APR tuning badge and custom artwork designs along the sides to give it a more aggressive, yet polished look.

Results: Eurotek’s Audi parts now produces approximately 450 HP. Aside from that, because of the intercooler, the car can be driven hard for a longer period, performing go-ahead runs repeatedly with minimal wait time. At the end of the day, for a relatively affordable budget and a short build time, Eurotek’s Audi S4 looks more attractive, rides more smoothly with better handling, and possesses increased speed and power.

With a few more mods on the way, you can follow along and see a list of Audi Performance Parts, pictures of the build and performance test videos on their Audi S4 Project Car Page.


The Audi Service Explained

When you have a high-performance car, such as an Audi, it should be of primary concern to ensure that it is maintained. The best way to maintain performance is to have a regular Audi service. A stamped Audi service book will help to protect the value of your car.

Audi parts garages and independent specialist garages provide a high standard of functioning. To ensure the best service, it is paramount to choose a reputable garage that uses genuine OE (Original Equipment) parts. This also guarantees that any warranty is protected. To have Audi specialist technicians is also important. They will have had comprehensive training and will have the technical knowledge and expertise to work on your car. Not only that, but Audi specialist technicians will also be able to predict and forecast any potential problems with your vehicle because they have in-depth knowledge and experience. They will also be able to let you know when you are likely to need a new cam belt or new tires based upon your mileage and car usage. This can help you plan your Audi service and maintenance costs in advance.

There is a range of Audi parts services available. You can choose to have an interim service or a full service if you drive many miles and drive frequently. You could also have a time and distance service, or a variable service. Time and distance service is a fixed interval service, so for instance, at every 10,000 miles or at 18 months, whatever comes first, you will need your car serviced. A variable Audi service is when the car sensors that are located in the Audi engine and on individual car components will alert you to when servicing is needed. This will appear as a warning light on the driver’s information panel in the car. Check your Audi handbook for more details of what these lights mean.

Some garages can book as service as you wait, while with others, you would need to book your car in advance. Make sure that they only use genuine Audi parts, as these will also be guaranteed, some for up to two years. Some garages also offer value-added services such as collection and delivery of your vehicle, the full guarantee of artistry, a free valet, free MOT or a courtesy car while your car is being serviced. It pays to shop around and find the best deals to service your Audi.

When you come to pay for your Audi service, this can be of some concern if it costs more than you are prepared for. However, some garages offer a service payment plan, which allows you to pay a fixed monthly amount based upon the number of services that you want to include. This helps with budgeting for your Audi service costs and helps to spread the cost of servicing your car.

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