DMV Appointments Can Be Made on The Website! DMV Appointments Can Be Made on The Website!

DMV Appointments Can Be Made on The Website!

General Info February 24, 2017 Editorial Staff 1

The goal of the DMV website is to provide all visitors a fruitful experience with the web and enable them to schedule their DMV appointments.

How to make DMV Appointments

You can access the DMV website and make your DMV appointments for you to visit any DMV office. Most items of registrations can be processed online or by mail.

After clicking on the appropriate button, you will have to fill in the required form and make your appointment for the drive test or for an official visit. There is also another button which enables you to cancel or view your DMV appointments.

This online system for appointments is an additional service provided by the State of California enabling you to schedule your DMV appointments before you visit any California office of the DMV. These appointments are available for any DMV field office and you may schedule your appointment in advance for at least 90 days. Drivers can be schedule services for registration, identification card, or for a driver’s license.

There is no difference in scheduling your appointment with any DMV office online or by a telephonic call. Both will give you the best results. Though it would be advisable to telephone your local office at the DMV at 1-800-777-0133 and schedule multiple appointments.

Driving Test

These DMV appointments are available for all people and you can schedule your appointment with any of the DMV offices. There are three basic categories for which appointment is available. The DMV appointments can be for a driving test for non-commercial – Class C or for a motorcycle. Then you can schedule an appointment for services offered for registration of vehicles and for your driving license.

DMV Phone Number

You may get in touch with your local office at 1-800-777-0133.  You can also check the Vehicle Registration and Title Information section online.

Scheduling DMV Appointments

Schedule appointment for a driving test for a particular class of vehicle.    There is no problem in scheduling an appointment for another person provided you submit their name and their contact number during daytime. Their date of birth and the valid driving license / permit number will be needed if you intend to schedule a behind the wheel test.

Reinstating your Driving Privileges

You may have to fulfill the criteria required for reinstatement.    Call your local DMV field office on 1-800-777-0133 to determine your eligibility for reinstatement of your driving privileges.

DMV Appointments cannot be made for the same day, therefore make an appointment 90 days in advance. You need to provide your contact number for the concerned department to contact you for confirmation or rescheduling your appointment.

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