Delta Sonic Oil Change Prices Delta Sonic Oil Change Prices

Delta Sonic offers five options for consumers if they are looking to get their oil changed at their locations. The first option for Delta Sonic Oil Change Prices is their Semi-Synthetic oil, which is a blend of regular and synthetic oil. This offers protection for your vehicle’s engine, and helps it run smoother for longer. Next, they offer a High Mileage option, which is a synthetic oil specifically manufactured for cars with over 75,000 miles on them. The third oil change option that Delta Sonic offers is GM Dexos 1. This is a full synthetic oil and is required for General Motor vehicles that are 2011 or newer.

If your vehicle does not need this specific oil, they also offer a regular Full Synthetic oil change option. This option offers the best possible protection for your vehicle’s engine. Finally, Delta Sonic offers a Mobil 1 oil option, which is required by certain manufacturers. All of these options will provide protection for your engine and help it to run smoother for longer.

With these oil changes, Delta Sonic offers multiple free services for your car. With an oil change, Delta Sonic will give you a new oil filter, lubricate chassis, visually inspect the front and rear differential, visually inspect the transfer case, inspect and fill transmission fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid, and antifreeze. They will also inspect lights, wiper blades, air filter, cabin air filter, battery, and serpentine belt. Lastly, they will inflate the tires and reset the oil life monitor; these services are all apart of the 18-point maintenance check that comes with every oil change.

Delta Sonic Oil Change Prices

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History of Delta Sonic Car Wash

Delta Sonic was founded in 1967 and is currently based in Buffalo, New York. There are multiple locations throughout New York and the surrounding areas, including Illinois and Pennsylvania. even though they are a relatively smaller company that offers a lot more than just oil changes. They offer car washes, detailing, auto restyling, gas, and they also have a convenience store. Delta Sonic also offers fundraising opportunities for schools, churches, athletic teams, and other non profit organizations. The company has also won multiple awards over the past ten years, which include being voted the “Best Place to Find Affordable Gas” and “Best Car Wash” in 2007, by City Newspaper’s Best Of Awards.   In 2009, they were voted “Best Place for Cheap Gas” by the same newspaper. Delta Sonic has grown as a company over the past couple years, and will most likely continue to expand. 

Coupons and Deals

Whenever you look into purchasing a good or service, it is important to look at not only the quality of your options but also the price. Oil changes can be expensive, so getting a good deal on this service is a very important thing to consider. Delta Sonic oil service prices have multiple deals available on other websites ( and, and these offers have the possibility to save you money not only on oil changes but on multiple other services as well. Money saving coupons and deals are important for any purchase.  These options should also be important when choosing that is right for you.

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