We know you dread having to pay money for oil change and other car maintenance expenses. We get it! You go into your local auto service center spend your hard earned money for an oil change (for example) , you get in the car and you don’t notice any difference yet you just shelled out a bunch of money and feel like you received nothing in return. Unfortunately, car maintenance is one of those necessary evils if you are looking to continue driving your car for a long time so you will need to continue taking great care of it by doing regular maintenance. The good thing is that we understand your pain and we want to help you save money. Below you will find the latest Coupons and Specials for some of the most popular Auto Service Centers in the world. Please Note: You might have to enter your zip code in order to get the latest coupons and specials for your local Auto Service Center.

Express Full Service Auto Care 

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Jiffy Lube 



Pep Boys


Walmart does not offer coupons for oil change

Take 5 Oil Change

How to get Manufacturer Service Center Coupons and Specials in your area!!!

If you are not looking to use one of the national oil change / car maintenance companies and instead would like to have your vehicle serviced by a local manufacturer service center we can still help you save money. One of the best ways to save money on your next oil change/ maintenance service is to find the best specials and coupons in your area. Car Maintenance Coupons and Specials are constantly changing so it is important to look for coupons and special anytime you are looking to have work done on your vehicle. Below we will show you how to find the best price on an oil change in your area in less then 5 minutes!

Below you will find instructions on how to obtain Oil Change Coupons and find the best oil change Specials in your area!

  1. Start by opening up google and searching for  your vehicle Make Dealership. For example if you are looking to change oil on a BMW vehicle you would type in google search engine “BMW Dealership”and scroll down!

BMW dealership1 - current coupons

2.  You will see all the BMW Dealerships in your area. Open each website in a new tab so that you can see all the service centers websites in one window.

BMW dealership list - current coupons

3) Finally, Hover over Specials and/or click on  Specials to see all the current specials your service center is running. In many cases you can also hover over the Service menu click on coupons or specials to see all Oil Change Coupons and other Service Coupons and Specials that service center is currently running.
BMW dealership Specials - current coupons

When you do this you can simply compare specials and coupons for each local service center you are willing to travel to in order to find the one that is currently running the best special.   Be sure to do this every time you are looking to have work done on your car as Car Service and Specials tend to change very often. Good Luck!
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