Winterizing Your Vehicle DIY-Style: What You Can Do at Home and How
Winterizing your vehicle is probably on your to-do list leading into the cold months. If you have ever taken your car to a mechanic for a simple seasonal checkup, you probably got a bit a sticker shock with your estimate. What you thought were simple fluid checks turned into... Read more
Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Why Are They Different?
Enterprise Rent-a-car is one of the top rental car services in the country. One of the unique qualities about Enterprise is that they will pick you up at your location, which is extremely convenient for their customers! Although they mainly provide rental cars, they also provideĀ other services. Enterprise is... Read more
Top Three Most Reliable Car Companies
Selecting a new car, whether you’re a first-time driver or want to replace your old one, is a daunting task. You have to make sure you didn’t waste money on a vehicle that fails to meet your expectations. Fortunately, you are able to ease your purchase worries by reading... Read more
PCV Valve Replacement
A PCV ( Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve is an object in your car that manages its emission control system. (Not every car has a PCV valve, though.) It’s vital to check it to make sure that it doesn’t get clogged with contaminants. A clogged PCV valve results in loss... Read more
Power Steering Flush
When you drive your car, a liquid called power steering fluid runs through the hydraulic system to ameliorate driving. It’s pressured by a steering pump and valves. When the pump stops functioning, the pressure decreases, and the steering system loses power. That’s when you need to perform a power... Read more
Fuel Filter Replacement Facts and Tips
Fuel filter replacement is essential to keep your car running well. A fuel filter is an object that protects your gas tank from debris and particles. If not protected well, the gas tank would be rusted and hold moisture, leading to fuel contamination and a damaged engine. If you’re... Read more

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