Are Used Car Parts Worth The Hassle?
Cars are costly but do you know used car parts can save you money?   On an average, over the period, a customer spends on the parts for their cars more than the initial value of the car.  For Example, a simple scratch on your new car and you... Read more
Audi R8 Is The Most Popular Model, Find Out Why!
Audi is a reputable German automobile company with a long history.  These cars have been on the market for about a century.   The cars are well known for the high quality and performance. The company has issued about millions of cars during this period and will continue to please... Read more
Porsche Boxster Proven To Be A Popular Choice
If you’ve always dreamed of owning a late model Porsche, but can’t afford the hefty price tag of a 911, then the Porsche Boxster may just be the right option for you.  The Porsche Boxster has been available in Australia since 1997.  In early 2005, a new model was... Read more
Learn What The Porsche 944 Is About
If you are already a Porsche buff, I don’t have to tell you how popular the Porsche 944 was and remains today. If you know Porsche’s you’re about to meet with some fascinating reading.   Porsche has been building great cars for years, but in 1982 it came up... Read more

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