Best Used Cars – Second Hand Cars
While many of the best things in life are free, the best and safest vehicles usually aren’t. And that means you need to invest a bit of time and effort into looking for the right car or truck for your family. If you need something budget-friendly, you definitely should... Read more
Timing Chain and Belt Care: How to Install it?
After a long day at work, you finally get home, pull into your parking spot, park the car, and turn off the engine. Then you hear a loud clattering noise you have never heard before. Terrified of what disaster has now befallen both you and your vehicle, you get... Read more
Knock Sensor – How to Tell Yours has Gone Bad?
Your car has a ton of moving parts and sensors for those parts that all work together to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. These sensors regulate things like emissions, ignition timing, transmission shifting, fuel management, and other important functions of the engine. One sensor that has a... Read more
Idle Air Control Valve: 3 Signs You Need to Change It
Unless you are a gear head, one of the most mysterious parts of a car is the check engine light.  It feels impossible to figure out what exactly this illuminated message on your dashboard means. You check the car manual and make endless google searches just to discover the... Read more
Don’t Get Ripped Off! How to Distinguish an Honest Auto Mechanic from the Crooks
It Will Save You Money, and it Could Save Your Life!  Image: Pexels Your car is going to break down. That’s just a fact of life. Not only is it going to break down; you can put money on the fact that it’s going to break down at the worst... Read more
How to Do a Front End Alignment on Your Car
Does your car need a front end alignment? If you just diagnosed your car’s problem on Google, you’re probably ready to drive that wonky wheeled fuel-guzzler off to the nearest mechanic now, right after you watch another hilarious cat video. But before you do, consider this: You could fix... Read more
Changing Your Crankshaft Position Sensor at Home
Unless you’re an automobile aficionado, you probably couldn’t explain what a crankshaft position sensor is. You might not have even heard of it before. For many people, they don’t discover what it is, or how important it is, until it’s too late. In many cases, the vehicle starts to... Read more
CV Joint: A guide on How To Properly Replace It At Your Home
The constant-velocity joint (CV joint) allows the drive shaft to work at variable angles as it is transmitting power, all while maintaining a constant rotational speed. Over time, the CV joint can wear down, and eventually it might fail because of a lack of lubrication or else a failed... Read more
The 3 Best Power Steering Pump Brands for When Your Car Needs a Change
Have you noticed that your car isn’t responding to your steering wheel like it should be? Depending on the symptoms and how often it occurs, your vehicle might be in need of a new power steering pump. If you’re in the market for a new power steering pump, you’re... Read more
Catalytic Converter – Best Converter You Can Install At Home
The amount of fumes that come from a motor vehicle has been drastically reduced thanks to advances in technology and science. Decades ago, cars lacked the same kind of filtration for emissions that come as a standard today. A catalytic converter is a major component of keeping automobiles emissions-compliant... Read more

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